indecent proposal.

7 02 2011

one time, somebody paid me $3 to eat several pats of butter at a restaurant. i love butter, but it was still kind of gross. however, i would have eaten an entire stick for $1,000. what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for money? what would you do?



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10 02 2011

i cant think of anything i’ve done but i used to bribe my best friend with kudos bars to pretend she had a crush on this boy on our bus in elementary school.

it lasted a year. she got a lot of kudos bars.

10 02 2011

dude. kudos bars were awesome- what was the value of her pretending to have a crush on this boy?

15 02 2011

when i waited tables, there was a group of teenaged boys (abt 13-16 since at least one of them was driving, but youngish, is the point), that came in pretty regularly. teenagers are generally to be avoided at all costs, since they make big messes and don’t tip, but i inherited “teacher voice” and had a “way” with them, including convincing them that they were required to tip me properly.

one time, they thought they were being funny and asked if i would tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue for them. normally, i would totally refuse, but i told them i’d do it if they added $5 on TOP of the regular tip (which they knew had to be at least 15% or i wouldn’t talk to them anymore). their little broke teenaged butts scrounged up the cash, so i did it. whatever. i was more broke than they were at that point.

19 02 2011

you need to write a screenplay, because that is an amazing story.

22 02 2011

12 bottles of Sam Adams and a fresh $20 to jump off the state pier, at night, fully clothed, where where there were clearly dead seagull carcasses and currents of bum piss swirling about in the wake of the casco bay lines ferry.

26 02 2011

wow. that is really disgusting, and also totally awesome. you’re kind of my hero now.

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