10 02 2011

i really am bad about this post a day business. last night i got home from a chorus line rehearsal at 9:30 and was completely shot.  i was hoping to just quickly link up to a post about home made granola bars that i did for part time vagabond… but it wasn’t up yet. so instead, i opted to make myself a grilled cheese and some soup, throw some greek on the ole netflix instant, and promptly pass out into a pile of dog hair and dirty laundry that i was supposed to be cleaning up for the party i’m having TOMORROW. gah.

well, i have a feeling you’ll be getting these apology/filler posts fairly often , or at least until my show is over/i start to get the hang of daily writing again… wordpress actually has been sending me prompts for blog topics as part of the “post a day” program, but they are mostly TERRIBLE, and not at all applicable to the topic (i know i stretch it sometimes, but still).  actually, since i’m still sort of delirious, and i’ve never used the POLL function before, here are the last 5 topics that they sent me:

p.s. i added a new category to my ever growing stable just for these “i’m an asshole” posts” called “apologies & retractions”. now that there is a place to neatly put them, please feel free to demand apologies & retractions at any time.



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13 02 2011

we have been sick for over a week, and because of this post, i have watched almost three whole chapters of greek on netflix. the boy is ready to throttle someone. he refuses to get attached to it. i can’t stop.
i’m blaming you. the thinking was, if someone i like and respect watches this, maybe it’s worth it! whoops.

14 02 2011

i’m watching chapter 3 right now! i can’t believe that s. is poo-pooing! the boyfriend LOVES IT. deep down, he’s really a cheesy girl. you shouldn’t be blaming me, you should be thanking me 🙂 p.s. i’m sorry to hear that you’re sick! i hope you are healing well (with the power of ABC family).

15 02 2011

i voted!

19 02 2011

thank you so much! i totally got nominated. i probably won’t win, but i get to go to a kick ass party with all the nominees!

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