weekend pickthrough- icy dip edition.

15 02 2011

ok, first let’s forget that it’s not the weekend. then, let’s give me a free pass for not posting last night because i was sick, and had a ridiculously insane weekend that included dunking my pasty flesh into icy ocean water while wearing polar bear ears and a tutu. i can’t say that my cold is any better for having done it (i’m fearing that i may have risked a sinus infection), but it was actually a pretty amazing experience. first and foremost, i did it with my two best friends (plunging your head under water in the middle of february is a whole lot easier when you’re holding hands and counting to 3 together). secondly, we raised almost $1,000 for camp sunshine (which made me feel pretty fucking great because i HATE fundraising). it was COLD AS SHIT, and i thought i might lose some digits to frostbite as soon as my wet flesh hit the icy air (36 degrees my ass), but it was over fast- and most of what i remember is the feeling of ultimate victory for having done something so ballsy, and the part where i got tipsy on mimosas and ate breakfast gnocchi at the front room afterward with some of my favorite people. verdict: polar dipping is incredible (if somewhat stupid and crazy). i think this week, i will write some original content for the wcsh6 blog about “how to be a polar dipper”, because when i was trying to figure out what it was going to be like, there was jack shit for resources.

and now, some random crap!

i don’t even know how to drive… yet somehow, i want a landrover now.


who says that recent law school grads are having a tough time finding jobs?

the absence of the towels.

i’d never even heard of a lustron home before, and thanks to this article, now I’M OBSESSED. (too bad there aren’t any in maine)

this was funny in 2000, and it’s still funny now.

do you know the unspoken rules of the urinal?

fitness instructors of america- get your best hand job concentration face on and get ready to be the next shake weight trainer!

no seriously, there’s actually a movie called JOHNNY SKIDMARKS. (has anyone seen it?)



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15 02 2011

“How to be a Polar Dipper”

Step 1: Lose Your Mind
Step 2: Jump into ocean, in Maine, in the winter, in your skivvies (tutu optional).

really, how many more resources do you need? 😉

19 02 2011


15 02 2011
Corey Templeton

Congrats on the polar dipping, I applaud the funds you raised for a good cause.

19 02 2011

thanks corey! i hate fundraising, but good company and bragging rights made it pretty awesome.

15 02 2011

Pretty in pink and paws!

19 02 2011

thanks babe! for being drenched in icy sea water, the photos were not as unflattering as they could have been.

16 02 2011

Congrats! I admire all y’all who went and and braved the cold for a good cause. If you don’t already have one get a neti pot, I am prone to sinus infections and since I finally started using it daily, I have felt like a brand new human. Also get some elderberry syrup, stuff is great at keeping winter illness at bay.

19 02 2011

i have an eyedropper that i use to irrigate my sinuses sometimes, but i really need to get a real neti pot. i’ve heard nothing but good things. i’ll check out the elderberry syrup too. eccinacia is totally disgusting.

16 02 2011

It was a BLAST!!! We’ll have to do it again 🙂

19 02 2011

give me a year to recover, but YES! next year for the environment?

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