worth the trip- a little rusty edition.

28 02 2011

god, it’s been a while. i’ve got a stack of uncut coupons collecting dust in my living room that fill me with longing and dismay every time i walk by them. the last few weeks i’ve just been so tired and busy, that all i can do is just go to trader joe’s and buy a lot of prepackaged bullshit (BEWARE- THOUGH DELCIOUS, TJS PREPACKAGED FOODS ARE STUFFED FULL OF BLOATY SODIUM). as a result, i’m a big bloated eggplant right now, and i’m having massive deal withdrawal. i got the coupon shakes.

i probably still won’t have time to go to the grocery store this week (let alone the rite aid or cvs), but to take the edge off of my desire, i figured i could at least round up some worthwhile deals for everyone else who does have clipping time in their schedule:

there were a few really tiresome weeks at shaw’s with the superbowl crap parade, but now that it’s all shaken out, they’ve once again started displaying actual food in their weekly flier. this week is far from amazing, but there’s a couple of good deals bubbling under the surface:

chobani yogurt @ $1 each- of all the greek yogurts on the market, this is my favorite (especially the pomegranate and raspberry flavors). $1 is a good deal as it is, but apparently there is a coupon right here (of indeterminate value) which should make it even sweeter.

near east pilaf & couscous @ $.88 each- this sale happens a couple times a year, and i always take the opportunity to stock the hell up. otherwise, it goes back to like $2.39 or something. i recommend the parmesan couscous, and the spanish rice. small and compact boxes are easy to hide in the pantry!

mrs. t’s pierogies @ 2 for $4- i fucking love these guys, but they’re always like $4 a box. there’s a couple of coupons floating around from the 1/30 redplum  for $1/2 or $1/1… if i can score these puppies for $1 a box- i am STOCKING UP.

rite aid is all up into the BOGO this week, which can be good depending on the coupons available, and the retail prices. i’m definitely interested in the special k and the colgate, but only a trip to the store will tell for sure. although can i just say for the record that i am SHOCKED to find that they still make jolt cola. in the days before redbull and rockstar (way way back in my early 90s high school days), that shit was revolutionary.

the real business that’s happening though is on the back page.  with a whole grouping of assorted and desirable jazz for just $1, a little coupon magic makes just about everything (well, everything worth buying) dirt cheap or free. i would get:

halls cough drops- $.50 each after $.50/1 coupon from the 2/6 SS, or FREE if you still have your video values coupons from last month.

ricola– $.50 each after $1/2 coupon from the 1/16 SS

nivea lip care– get two for free with this sweet facebook coupon!

cvs is equally anticlimactic this week with a smattering of decent deals, but nothing that really blew my socks off. mostly just lackluster proctor & gamble offerings and easter candy (I’M NOT READY!).

crest toothpaste or mouthwash– $3.29 with $3.29 back in extrabucks is the most enticing freebie this week, and can be a money maker if you grab one of the many crest coupons in this month’s p&g brandsaver.

maybelline fitme cosmetics– get $3 in extrabucks when you buy $10. if you snagged one of the $3/2 coupons recently on  redplum.com or got one in the 2/6 redplum circular, you could potentially get $10 worth of makeup for $4.

is physician’s formula going out of business? in the last 6 months, they’ve had a bunch of $7 back when you buy $10 deals, which is AWESOME. there’s never really coupons (although apparently there are some TRY ME FREE peelies out there somewhere floating in space), but combined with other deals or a $4 /$20 CRT if you can scrape one up or even just some expiring extrabucks, it’s still a really good deal.

softsoap hand soap @ $.88 each does anyone know about a coupon for this? i’m running out of hand soap, and this could be a good deal. softsoap body was is also $.99 after extrabucks this week, but i couldn’t find a coupon for that either (but i don’t use it, so it’s only worth it to me if i can get it for free.

well, that took me FOREVER. i’m so rusty. what did i miss?



4 responses

28 02 2011

we literally ran out of handsoap AND toothpaste yesterday. How the hell did that happen. Thank you, CVS, and thank you, Allie.

7 03 2011

glad to be of service! i carried 24 rolls of toilet paper around the streets of portland today. classy!

2 03 2011

i bought a million boxes if couscous and pilaf today.

7 03 2011

even though i still have 6 boxes from the last sale, i couldn’t resist throwing at least a couple in my cart. they’re small. i’ll find room!

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