in the test kitchen: foolproof granola bars.

2 03 2011

good granola bars are expensive. you know, the kind that actually fill you up for more than a nanosecond, and that contain ingredients not synthesized in a laboratory? i will pay upwards of $2 for a really good granola bar, and i’m not ashamed to admit it. although i probably should be…

a while back, chris over at part time vagabond gave me an assignment to make my own granola bars. i’m not much of a baker, and assumed that the experience would be terrifying and catastrophic. but as it turned out, it was actually  pretty easy and very delicious, with minimal emotional (or physical) scarring.

now, i’m OBSESSED with home made granola bars (sorry nature valley, we’re breaking up).  the recipe i used was obscenely easy, and pretty much impossible to fuck up (even if you cook them too long, they just become crunchy granola bars instead of chewy), but i finally feel ready to make something a little more complicated- does anyone have a granola bar recipe that they love?

i am also searching for interesting flavor combinations.  i’m looking for great innovation in the world of flavor combinations. can i put cheese popcorn in granola bars? skittles? nori?



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2 03 2011
The Dealer

I’m also a big fan of granola bars (eating one now) and have tried a bunch of kinds (seems to be a lot of coupons for them) I’d love to try ot make my own, so if you find a good (easy) recipe, please share!

7 03 2011

this recipe is crazy easy (as advertised). and you can put whatever you want in it. i think i’m gonna throw some sunflower seeds in my next batch for a little sweet and salty action. what will you put in yours?

10 03 2011

The link didn’t for me (?) but I would most definitley put butterscotch chips in mine. They make a great topping for the “crack” recipe I got from Kate

2 03 2011
Sheila @ A Super Savvy Saver

OK, if you don’t FEEL LIKE cooking…you can get 6 FREE boxes of Nature Valley @ Target 🙂
6 Nature Valley Granola Bars 4 ct (Found in Dollar Spot ) @ $1 ea
less (2) $1.50/3 Target printable coupons &
less (3) $1/2 coupons 2/13 GM insert
6 boxes for FREE!

btw, love your blog…FUNNY!

7 03 2011

thanks shiela! i do loves me the nature valley. i’ve been getting the trader joe’s ripoffs the last couple of weeks (because i’m too busy/lazy to go to the real grocery store). that’s a kick ass deal!

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