weekend pickthrough- springing forward into delirium edition.

14 03 2011


losing an hour is the worst. here it is, 2 am, but it feels like 1 am- except for the fact that i’m not gonna get more than 4 hours of sleep, whether i like it or not. it was opening weekend for my show (not too disastrous!), and then i decided to make lentil soup (more details on that tomorrow), and write a blog post for coupon evolution that i should have written on thursday…

tomorrow is gonna be a sleep deprived mess anyway, so i figured i’d squash out at least one more post before i lapsed into a coma. we haven’t picked through the weekend in a while, so here it is (i didn’t say i’d be squashing out a good post):

i secretly worry that one of my cover letters will show up on a website like this someday. irt could happen.

naked therapy for everyone!

slides are the new stairs.

fuck lent, let’s make our own cadbury creme eggs RIGHT NOW.

wait, sudoku won’t make me smarter? (more baffling, there are people who have never played tetris?)

what your pants say about you.

i’ve got the beer and the ping pong balls, who has $749?

human penises used to have what?

on a similar note… BEHOLD the penis fruit!

hello balloon tardis! (bonus, the guy who built it is from maine!)

prostitutes + facebook = columbia university research project?

“stuffed” girl heads! (as upsetting as it sounds)

and finally, a question. i think this is social media gone creepy– would you do it?



3 responses

15 03 2011

Social media gone creepy? I’m not sure. It seems like if two people have the app and want to interact, they got themselves into the creepy situation. People have always found ways to be creepy if they want to. And no, I probably wouldn’t use it. It creeps me out.

16 03 2011

maybe i just don’t understand how it works. i thought that it was basically just my phone sending out a signal saying that it’s ok to approach me and doing something crazy- as long as it’s on the approved list. do i get to approve who can and can’t approach? because the creepy stranger factor is making me itchy.

16 03 2011

That’s about what it sounds like to me as well. Maybe I’d try it out if it was on Android. So what’s up with developers not developing for android? 27% of smartphones are Android-based and only 23% of them are iPhones. Hrmph.

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