monday pickthrough- balls in the air edition.

21 03 2011

sorry for slacking this weekend. it never ceases to amaze me how much energy performance sucks out of me. 3 shows and a lot of sleep, and not room for much else. on sunday morning, i was planning on going in to work, went upstairs to change clothes… and accidentally ended up taking a 3 hour nap.

so yeah, not much blogging. but only one more weekend and i’m free! except for the part where i’ll be really sad not to be doing it anymore. but, i’m am excited to have time to write and sleep again. plus, i’ve gotta work that ikea bus shit hard- AND i have a pretty exciting announcement coming up later this week about a collaborative project that i’ve been working on with some very sexy local fashion bloggers.

but i’ve already said too much.

for now, make some jokes about balls in the air, and enjoy these trivial tidbits.

finally, something maine can be proud of!

forget halo 3, this game of victorian manners is far more dangerous.

legos + pictionary = totally kick ass. (party at my house?)


setting the women’s liberation movement back, $193. 99 at a time. (thanks @thamsofmaine!)

100 books that everyone seems to think that everyone else should read. pretty, but i beg to differ. really, 2 AYN RAND NOVELS? please.

cutting edge exercise equipment or old man’s walker? YOU DECIDE.

nothing has made me feel quite this dirty in a long time. seriously, get the hand sanitizer. actually, you might want the FULL SILKWOOD after this.

urban outfitters is all up into the free music. i didn’t even hate one of these 5 songs– can you guess which one?

maine’s hottest coupon queen (and soon to be extreme couponing reality star) is hosting coupon parties! and if that doesn’t convince you of her dedication, maybe this video of her rolling around in coupons will.




2 responses

22 03 2011

sexy eh? i’ll take it!

22 03 2011

re maine’s “pictorial” achievement: seriously? her mom is comparing being a nude model for a painter to posing for a wank-mag? SERIOUSLY? no. just no.

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