holy spring cleaning jackpot batman: an ode to free stuff.

24 03 2011

despite the fact that my attempts at going dairy free are not going quite  as planned (and certainly not providing the result that i think the silk company was looking for), i am still grateful to the fine folks at bzzagent for hooking me up with the free soymilk. i love free stuff, and i am always completely shocked when companies are willing to throw it at me just because i MIGHT be willing to discuss their product online.

remember that time that time i got that full sized bottle of pantene in the mail from vocalpoint? i sent that shit to preble street, and nobody even noticed. why just last week they offered me a free pint of some sort of flavored creamer (which will hopefully go a bit better than my last unsavory creamer incident).

but back to bzzagent. after many months of not getting offered crap from them (free redbox rental- big whoop), i got the soy milk offer AND an SC johnson cleaning product offer all in one week. my silk package arrived in an envelope, just coupons and a handful of propaganda that i didn’t read (sorry silk!) (sort of). so i figured that my spring cleaning kit would also show up in booklet form.

instead, i got this:

ok, maybe a fistful of cleaning products worth about $20 shouldn’t be that exciting… but it made my FREAKIN DAY. even the glade plugin refill for the glade plugin dispenser that i don’t have and they didn’t send me (anyone need to get plugged in?).

i used to never get mail, but since i started this coupon/freebie nonsense, rarely a week goes by where i don’t get something kind of amazing. whether it’s a trashy magazine subscription that i got for free, new product samples for testing, some  high value coupons,  a gift card i earned taking online surveysor a party back full of condoms and vibrators… it makes my day a little more exciting.

which is a silly thing to say about getting the mail, even when half the shit that i get is kind of lame… but hey, FULL SIZE CAN OF PLEDGE? that’s some shit that i can actually use (if i ever get around to dusting). and the glade candle actually smells really good. and god knows, my toilet could use an application of those freshening stick on gems (or “toilet jewels” as i like to call them.

i’m actually a huge spring cleaning fan, and this tidy little box of fun has arrived just in time.

but don’t worry, you don’t have to clean anything. but you should go over to the sidebar and click on some of those product testing links (especially if you have a blog- they love that shit!) and get yourself a sack of sweet freebies. i donate or give away a lot of what i get, but the trip to the mailbox is really enough to me with great joy.

and who doesn’t want to be filled with great joy?

are you a spring cleaner?  or is that just for old people?



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24 03 2011

yes, spring cleaner here. especially on a day that you can actually open some windows? (i’m sighing now, looking out the window at actual snow falling from the sky) sunshine and somewhat warm weather fills me with cleaning frenzy! and i clean almost everything with vinegar and/or baking soda. that shit is CHEAP.

27 03 2011

i’ve never actually tried making my own cleaning products. i clean so rarely, my store bought ones tend to last a long time! although someday i would like to have a couple of bambinos, and i might feel less good about coating my life in chemicals.

24 03 2011

spring cleaning is for old people, and crazy people. i HATE cleaning, but love the results, i need a maid!

27 03 2011

oooh. i would LOVE a maid. is there a low cost maid service for poor people? oh wait, i think it’s called DOING IT YOURSELF. balls.

24 03 2011

I got the kit too about 3 days ago! I pretty much flipped my shit too – no shame. And I agree the glad plugin cracks me up. In general I’m not a huge fan of the oil plug ins so I don’t have the holder, but I’m sure couponing will produce one some day soon.

26 03 2011

weird right? i thought that maybe they just forgot to put it in. or maybe they think that their product is SO INDISPENSABLE that we couldn’t possibly not have one.

27 03 2011
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3 06 2011
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