so i’m considering coupon fraud…

28 03 2011

and  i KNOW that its wrong, but the deal is really good, and i’m feeling the strong pull of temptation.

you need to talk me out of it.

or possibly talk me into it.

so, this week the $7 extrabucks on physician’s formula (are they going out of business or something?) deal is back at CVS, and better than ever. you do only get one per household, but if you borrow your boyfriend’s CVS card, you could probably grab 2 without suspicious (not that i know anyone who does that ever).

but that’s not where the real bad feelings settle in.

last week, physician’s formula was on sale for 40% off at CVS (seriously, something is going on with them) and my friend forwarded me this link to a $5.00 coupon! now, this would have been awesome if the coupon wasn’t already out of prints. but then i clicked on the image of the coupon in the post… and there it was- completely clar and printable, just BEGGING me to print 5. so i did.

i haven’t actually used any of them yet (i managed resist the 40% off temptations last week), but the $7 extrabuck deal might be too much to resist.

when there were still prints left on the website, it did pop out in PDF format- just begging to be printed out multiple times. theoretically, i could have printed a whole bunch and just been hoarding them this whole time, right?

i still have several days to decide what to do, but i’m finding myself very torn. are fraudulent coupon assholes like me the reason that physician’s formula appears to be struggling?  is it worth a little minor  infraction for the sake of the makeup project (my freebie cosmetics hoard has become a complete OBSESSION)?



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29 03 2011

Make yourself feel better by giving me one of those! The website says they’re ‘out of coupons’ 😦 Of course I need more makeup like I need an extra arm.

Heyy, an extra arm would be pretty handy!

29 03 2011

Personally, I would avoid doing it with a store that will link back to your name. For instance, when you do it at CVS it will link that coupon to your CVS ECB card. Not that I think you should do it, but I would be a bit more cautious if my name was directly linked to it.

29 03 2011

You should just do it. If it’s there to be done, I’m sure someone else somewhere is already doing it. If you are having extreme doubts, and think that you will never forgive yourself for using the coupons, then don’t, but otherwise, go for it. It’s for the makeup project! You’re giving back.

30 03 2011

i had to walk away from a sally hansen mint green polish yesterday bc it wasn’t on sale at cvs. what are you doing to me?!?!?

31 03 2011

Ok sweet cheeks, resist the urge. It just isn’t worth it. Most likely your face will break out in hives when you use the makeup cause as you already know, Karma can be a biotch. 😉

11 04 2011

you will be proud of me, i did not commit coupon fraud. i guess i feel like couponing is a privilege, and i should be respectful of its guidelines and parameters.

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