out of office.

3 04 2011

apologies for the interruption in service! i am taking a brief jaunt to boston this weekend (so that i won’t be so sad about chorus line being over), and my hotel CHARGES FOR WIRELESS.

i’m outraged. so outraged in fact that instead of writing a real post yesterday as planned, i am now tapping this apology out on my iphone. $9.95 my ass.

although i did commit one financial infraction (so far). i stupidly wore inappropriate she’s and had to buy flats about 4 hours into my adventure. they were on sale for $15.99, but i should really have preplanned a little better. i burn with shame.

also on the shame tip, i learned that i am completely incapable of reading a map. we easily spent 1/3 of our “out and about” time horribly horribly lost. today, it has be demanded that i relinquish the iphone and navigation duties.

well, it’s checkout time. and i need to go prepare my mangled feet for yet another adventure. more tonight (there is free wifi on the amtrak).




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3 04 2011
Corey Templeton

Enjoy the rest of your trip! I recall that the last hotel I stayed at (also in Boston) a few months ago also charged for wireless in-room internet but there was a Starbucks in the lobby where you could go for internetting.

11 04 2011

i should have stayed at that hotel. the lobby of mine just smelled overpoweringly of fake potpurri. it made my lungs close up, and didn’t allow me to use the internet at all.

3 04 2011

Once I made that same shoe mistake on an audit at a school. The brief amount of time walking back and forth asking for stuff caused painful blisters and a shameful trip to the principals office to ask for bandaids.

11 04 2011

that’s actually quite charming! i feel like women often bond over bloodied feet.

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