the edge of extinction.

3 04 2011

ok folks, it’s time for us to have a serious sit down discussion about the ikea bus.

the first week of ticket sales was exciting. after the first few days, i had 13 people already and it seemed like things were all systems go.

and then, they stopped going.

i  was stuck at 13 tickets for almost an entire week. and the worst part was that people kept asking me how it was going…

i’m a firm believer that it’s never good for business to tell people that things aren’t going well. so i would say things like “it’s going, but i wanna sell that shit out!” or “it’s coming along, but there’s still room!”. it’s a little awkward. and i’ve been feeling a lot of shame about the fact that it’s not going better. both because i don’t like failing at things, and because i really really do want it to happen.

i sold a few more tickets last week, but just a few. and sadly, my attempts at getting some press coverage turned out to be completely balls. so here i am, stalled out at at 16 tickets (i made the boyfriend promise to buy one, so i could say  17 and not totally be lying).

i’m not sure what happened. 58 people liked my press release on facebook. the eventbrite page has almost 600 page views! and everyone and their grandma keeps telling me what an awesome idea it is. so what gives?

bad timing? no money? not the right time to buy a couch after all? i have no idea.

the truth is that i’m scared. if i can’t get up to at least 25 (preferably 30) by the 7th (that’s THIS THURSDAY), i’m gonna have to cancel. the problem is that the money is mine, and if i don’t get the bus filled , that money still disappears. and i have student loans and a mortgage that can’t let that happen.

i don’t want to beg you. begging isn’t classy. more than anything, i’d like to gently remind you to buy your ticket now if you’re planning on going- or at least send me an email telling me that you’re definitely coming. and i’d also like to warn all the fabulous folks that did buy tickets, that there is currently a high likelihood that the trip will be canceled. so, spread the world to your friends and neighbors if you want it to be on. and if anyone knows a media outlet that might give the ikea bus a little lovin… now is the time to call in some favors!



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4 04 2011
Liz Woodbury

damn it. i am SO sorry, because i was absolutely an ikea bus enthusiast (i still am), but there’s just no way i can afford to buy anything there right now, besides you know, something that costs like $10, which makes it hard for me to justify buying the bus ticket. it’s an awesome idea, and you did such a great job putting it together. i’ll continue to spread it around the book of faces and talk it up in the next couple of days, and i have my fingers crossed.

11 04 2011

looks like your finger crossing worked out! although i am sad that you can’t make it. perhaps next time around 😀

4 04 2011

i’m sorry, i would love to come, but i’m moving and can. not. buy any more things. the timing is not right, since i have the earmarked catalog and really want a couch from there. 😦 so sorry, i hope it works out!! it’s a fantastic idea.

11 04 2011

thanks kate! we would love to have you, but it seems like a lot of folks are busy that weekend. you’re not moving out of the east end are you? that would be tragic.

4 04 2011

Damn, I wish I didn’t live in CA right now!
Visiting IKEA is so much fun, even if you’re not buying big furniture (I’ve been several times, & come to think of it, have never bought a piece of furniture from the store).
They have GREAT organizing bins/setups/boxes/etc, ranging from simple to stylish, & WAYYY cheaper & more selection than Target. Also a fabulous place to stock up on candleholders for entertaining.. often a buck or less apiece!
And there’s also wandering around in all the model rooms on the sales floor, SO MUCH FUN! It’s like a giant 3-D catalog, woohoo!! IKEA does an amazing job merchandising the model rooms.
IMO this’d be a worthy & fun excursion, even if I had only $5 to spend. Good luck, Allie!

11 04 2011

you are too cute. i wish you could come on the bus, but don’t think you should go so far as to wish you weren’t living in CA. right now we’re drowning in thunder and rain. everything is DAMP. next time you’re visiting maine though… we definitely need to get some tea or something. xo!

4 04 2011

I am out of town for Easter weekend. 😦

I will promote the heck out of it though!

11 04 2011

i didn’t even think for a second about easter weekend (which i think was causing hesitation for some would-be ticket buyers). my catholic parents would be very disappointed in me!

4 04 2011

Noooooooo. I just got paid and bought a ticket and am desperately saving so I have some cash to spend. I will spread the word again to my folks on Facebook, I would do it on twitter but we share Maine peeps so I suspect that already know.

I don’t know but if you cancel maybe we should have a breakfast tweet up for those who had already planned on going that day.

Hope it works out!

11 04 2011

i’m so excited that we’re actually a go! plus, i FINALLY get to meet you. it has really been too long in coming. thanks so much for your support!

4 04 2011

If it doesn’t work out, I will drive you to IKEA, where you will be forced to buy small things like frames because the billy bookcase will not fit in the Civic…but I hope it works because it would be really fun!

Everyone, tell everyone how FUN it would be! 🙂

11 04 2011

thank you so much for pimping the ikeabus out to your friends and cowokers. because of you, we can all have as many billy bookcases as we want. *woot*

2 05 2011

I think I put “as many billy bookcases as we want” to the test 😉

11 05 2011

you still need to show me some pictures of the finished product!

6 04 2011

kickstart this shizz

11 04 2011

i’m confused about what can and can’t be done on kickstarter. i feel like this is more of a field trip and less of an art project. good idea though, i really ought to look into it for future reference.

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