i want to steal all your clothes.

14 04 2011

i’ve been busy.

you know it. but this time i’m not writing to apologize for not posting enough (remember that time i was trying to post every day- what happened to that shit?). this time, i’m writing to let y’all know one of the super secret plots i’ve been hatching all these long months. (ok, and maybe to apologize a little bit for not posting)

anyway, me and a stunning assortment of lady fashion blogger friends have been meeting almost weekly (did you know that the armory has a free cheez plate? you really need to go there) to put together our own CITY WIDE CLOTHING SWAP.

if you’ve never been to a swap before (you should be sad for your loss), it’s basically just a big party where you bring all your awesome clothes that don’t fit you or that you’ve become tired of, and swap them with other people who have better fitting clothes that fill you with excitement.  except that this time, instead of haggling over sensible rayon skirts over 7-layer dip at your lame coworker’s house, you get to paw through the cast offs of all the most fashiony people in portland.

well, at least that’s what we hope.

basically, a swap is only as good as the people who show up with their shit. so please, if your dance card is empty for saturday, the 21st of may, please consider penciling us in. if the people who organized the event are any indication of the quality of the swappables that will be there, this shit is gonna be amazing (do people still say “off the chain”?).

ok, i can’t exactly speak for the quality of my own stuff (i am easily always the worst dressed one at our meetings) but the rest of the ladies all have incredible style, and i know you want what they’re swappin. i know do.

and if the promise of recycling your best hipster finery isn’t enough to get you in the door, let me throw down 2 last points:

1. we’re not just doing it for the promise of free clothes, we’re doing it for CHARITY YO. all proceeds (admission is $5 at the door with stuff to swap, $10 empty handed, and $0 if you drop off your stuff in advance) and unclaimed clothing will be going home with goodwill of northern new england at the end of the night. you love them for their thrift stores, but do you know about the incredible programs and services that they offer our state? and what about their mission of sustainability? getting to work with them on this event has made me fall more in love with their organization than i already ways.

2. and if charity won’t get you to clean out your closet… can i say ADORABLE FREE TOTE BAG to fill with loot.

i don’t want to give too much away right here and now, because i want you to all go visit the SWAPmaine blog on a regular basis. the whole messy lot of us will be posting almost daily about everything from developing swap details, appropriate swap etiquette, to sneak previews of stuff that will be at the swap.

also, to get yourself all worked up about the fashion possibilities… you should go visit this amazing website full of beautiful people rockin their very best swapped outfits.

(did i say SWAP enough times in this post?)

(are you sold yet?)



4 responses

14 04 2011

Putting it on the calendar.

15 04 2011

where do i drop things off, and do you guys need refreshments?

19 04 2011

we’ll be figuring out the drop-off schedule in the next few weeks, and will post it on the blog. sadly, the space is kind of tight, so we had to nix our dream of refreshments. that said, if you were to stuff a cupcake in my mouth while i was taking tickets, i wouldn’t spit it out.

19 04 2011

staff-only cupcakes. got it.

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