weekend pickthrough- swapping your face off edition.

23 05 2011

so saturday was finally the big SWAPmaine clothing swap showdown, and it was all kinds of rad. by 10 am, there were over 50 people lined up outside (shockingly, everyone was polite, and not a single fist or elbow was thrown).  that said, it was a mad crush to get to the good stuff, and our perfectly manicured piles were heavily intermingled by 10:15, as clothes were heaved in all directions.

everyone seemed happy and left with bulging sacks (yeah, i just said BULGING SACKS) and the smug smiles of people getting something for nothing, and yet somehow magically benefiting charity at the same time.

by 4 pm, i could barely stand. actually, by 4 pm i was sitting in a big box of sweaters yelling “MY FEET ARE BIG”!

i could barely get home.

i made a rash decision to get burger king for dinner (their veggie whopper is the bees fucking knees).

but  regardless of my physical pain and exhaustion (swapping is a SPORT people), i still couldn’t shake the glow of all the amazing stuff that i had scored at the swap… and how glorious my transitional spring/summer wardrobe is going to be as a result.

i hope to do a full-on fashion show post at some point in the near future (probably for the swapmaine blog), but here’s a little taste of the kind of awesome shit that was available for those who chose to swap:

1. pair of J brand jeans that need to be hemmed, but that otherwise fits me perfectly and make my ass look FABULOUS.

2. cashmere blend j. crew tunic sweater with beaded collar detail. (needs to be slightly de-pilled, but otherwise pristine).

3. BRAND NEW SWATCH! (apparently this once belonged to my friend holly who i haven’t seen in ages, but totally turned up at the swap- SWAPPING BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER).

4. the best yellow 80s sweatshirt in the universe (see above).

5. a summery navy and white cotton scarf that i haven’t taken off since i swapped it (thanks kate!)

6. that glittery 90s print nicole miller dress that i had a boner for the moment i pulled it from the donate bag.

7. a pair of exquisite leetie lovendale yellow cube earrings (even the burger king cashier complimented them) that came in my swapmaine swag bag.

8. a chunky plastic bangle that seriously says “DOES THIS BRACELET MAKE ME LOOK FAT?”

9. a couple of muffin-top concealing floaty summer tunics.

10.  a big boxy batwing abercrombie cropped sweater in bright tomato that i jacked from ashley at sweetwilliam.

i realized that i only have like 3 links saved for this week, so instead, you can pick through these photos of my swap haul, and tell me if you see any of your discard pile in there. because hell, half the fun of swapping is trying to figure out where all your shit went. i already found the owner of my zebra pencil skirt. who made off with all my cast off rogues gallery, or my pink angora cardigan?

we don’t have to let the swapping high fade just yet. show me your stuff!




15 responses

23 05 2011

that black & cream printed silk tunic in the first pic was mine! whooo!

23 05 2011

that makes me love it even more!

25 05 2011

i wore it ONCE on halloween a few years ago for a twiggy costume. it’s so pretty!

i’ve been wearing my new swap jeans almost every day since. pam and i scored some awesome stuff.

23 05 2011

The swap was awesome! It gave me an excuse to clear out my closet, score some new duds (a blue and black Paper Denim & Cloth dress FTW!) and get outside to see the only sun we’ll get in three weeks. Thanks to all of you who put this together — looking forward to next time!

23 05 2011

that was totally my dress!!! i loved it so much, but i just can’t squeeze my fat ass into it anymore… i’m glad it found a good home!

23 05 2011

we rule.

23 05 2011
ashley jordan

so awesome! will post my goods soon! i think everyone was a winner on saturday!

23 05 2011
ashley jordan

oh and i have one of your rogue tees. the one with the boat. pretty sweet.

23 05 2011

Sweet finds!!! Hope to see some swap style up on Swapperazzi!

23 05 2011

I totally got this sweet garfield sleep shirt that I’m going to make into a tank top. also, an amazing pink sweater that I have already worn!

3 06 2011

can we get some pictures of your garfield tank top please!

23 05 2011

I must know what that cream colored bangle reads!

24 05 2011

Yay! My favorite swap finds were some little high heel sandals in mustard yellow, my enormous 80s roses sweater dress and the little perfume thinger donated from Bliss! Such a good idea on posting your grabs… I’ll do that soon, too!

25 05 2011

Great swap! Love the stuff I got and it was great to finally meet you!

31 05 2011

I couldn’t make it, but I’m thrilled (and not at all surprised) to hear it was a smashing success! I’ll look forward to the next swap, if only as an excuse to pare down my ridiculously full wardrobe a bit.

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