i try it!- danger in the kitchen laboratory.

15 06 2011

if this blog post had a subheading, it would read: why leaving it to the professionals is sometimes the right thing to do.

so, during the SWAPmaine event a few weeks ago, the lovely keriann of mainely mara, turned me on to the starbucks black iced tea lemonade. HOLY CRAP. new heights of refreshing-ness! since that time, i think of drinking nothing else.

i’m not a coffee drinker, so the amount of time i spend at starbucks (which is inconveniently located multiple blocks from both my home & work) has always been fairly minimal. however, since SWAP day, i have been making any possible excuse to scoot my ass down to exchange street, all for the privilege of paying like $4 for something that tends to take me roughly 10 minutes to consume.


the crack like pleasure that it affords me, appears to make the $4 surcharge fully worthwhile.

but $4 is expensive, and the $15 giftcard i had left over from xmas lasted almost about as long as it takes me to drink one of these fuckers. so in the spirit of practicality (starbucks is far) and frugality (starbucks is expensive), i decided that i would just gather the ingredients to make this mystical beverage, and assemble it myself in the kitchen lab. just think of all the dollars i would save!


as it turns out, REAL HARD.

mistake #1: 3 teabags to 3 cups of water is TOO MUCH. either that, or the pg tips i had in my kitchen cabinet is like crazy supertea or some shit. the sheer amount of caffeine in my “at home” version kept me shaking and zooming through outer space all afternoon. actually, i still have a stomach ache.

mistake #2: it would be helpful if i actually had the forethought to make the tea the night before, instead of 15 minutes before. in my morning-induced delirium, it seemed like 10 minutes in the freezer would more than suffice to cool this molten liquid to room temperature. not true. despite adding almost a full tray of ice cubes to my nalgene bottle before adding the tea, not one of them was still present when i arrived at my work destination 8 minutes later.

mistake #3: trader joe’s lemonade is no match for the starbucks lemonade. either that, or i got the proportions SO WRONG. tasted like lemon pee water with a lot of caffeine. not delicious. not refreshing. not good. also, stomach STILL BURNING.

mistake #4: starbucks adds sweetener to their black iced tea lemonade, but i don’t need it. i usually only get mine half sweetened anyway… (see above re: lemon pee water).

i know that every day, people make their own cappuccinos and smoothies and other slightly downgraded versions of their favorite coffee store beverages with some degree of success. they seem happy. i also know that they save money this way. after today’s performance however, i have grave doubts about my ability to do this.

i would like to say that i will give this experiment one more try, but i probably won’t. i will more likely just throw some vodka in the lemonade and call it done.

if anyone out there in the universe (possibly current or former starbucks employees) has any sort of advice on what went wrong and how to correct it, i would be receptive to this. otherwise, we should all get together and have some lemonade based cocktails at my house and talk about how starbucks exists for a reason.



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15 06 2011

I’ve never been an SB employee, but here’s what I do at home when I make Arnold Palmers for myself!: Lemonade: boil a cup of water, pour it in the bottom of the pitcher over 1/2 cup of sugar (I don’t like mine sweet, either). Juice from two lemons (or three good squirts from those weird lemon juice thingers that look like lemons) poured over the hot water-sugar mix. Blend all that togetha. Then fill remaining 2 quarts with water (taste at 1 quart and see if it’s sweet/tart enough (etc.) — Black tea – same idea, except no sugar. Boil two or three cups of water, steep 1 or tea bags in it for about five minute, put in pitcher, fill remaining with cold water.

Totally way better to have two pitchers on hand and to have them cold in the morning to mix. However – you could toss the tea bag in the lemon-water-sugar mix, fill up with cold water, and see what that does if you only have one pitcher!

I used to make these for myself at CBD all the time even though it wasn’t on the menu!

21 06 2011

audrey, you know how to cure what ails me. what the hell is an arnold palmer? i also had no idea you had a sordid past as a barista. there’s so much i have to learn about you!

15 06 2011

i don’t drink that stuff, coffee at home for me, but i found this:


21 06 2011

sweet. if only i weren’t so lazy.

15 06 2011

I’ve heard a Brit complain about PG Tips being too strong…

21 06 2011

yeah, apparently 3 teabags was a mistake. i thought i was going to go into cardiac arrest.

16 06 2011

they sprinkle crack in that iced tea!!!!

19 06 2011

I agree with forefrontfash, they do sprinkle crack on that iced tea, I love that iced tea lemonade! It is totally addictive.

21 06 2011

i just can’t stay away. i dream about it. better starbucks than meth i suppose!

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