weekend pickthrough- go the *uck outside edition.

20 06 2011

it’s summertime y’all! and as such, we will likely be keeping summer hours around these blog parts.  it is ludicrously beautiful outside, and i plan on spending as much time as humanly possible outdoors. other states are nice and all, but i like to think that maine puts them all to shame. here i am in the biggest city we got (ok, admittedly not that big, but still…), and there’s all this motherfucking unspoiled nature just minutes (at times seconds) away.

i’m especially feeling the love today after my friend pook turned me on to the glory that is portland trails. 30 trails all over the greater portland area, all equally surprising and awesome. oh, and all free.

for example, today we hit an incredible seaside bird sanctuary, AND a freakin waterfall. i have lived in this area since 1996, and had no idea there was a FREAKIN WATERFALL 5 minutes off the peninsula.

anyway, being outside is pretty famtastic, and fits happily within my summer fun budget of $0. i’m thinking long hikes, picnic lunches, brown paper bag beers, and falling asleep on the grass/rocks/beach while reading summer trash with puffy gold letters on the cover.

what’s in your budget for summer fun? (you can start by reading these links)

sweet william makes it to day 365 without buying any new clothes or stabbing anyone. remarkable!

i added a bunch of new photos to the “weird about town” set on flickr. we’re talking honey anus, congress street weave, scary doll… all the hits.

hells yes laser portraits.

this mind blowing robot needs to come to my house.

the sweetest beaver related love story ever told.

can somebody please get IKEA to start manufacturing houses made out of bookshelves?

this is what happens when you draw a picture of every single thing you consume for a year.

i should probably not even tell you how long i spent reading this tumblr this weekend. IT’S NOT EVEN THAT FUNNY. apparently, 15 year old meme madness has had a late onset with me. (forever alone).




7 responses

20 06 2011

i didn’t see the “the” in your post title and thought “well, this should be an interesting post”.

21 06 2011

hey, that could also be a recipe for inexpensive summer fun.

20 06 2011
ashley jordan

i think swapmaine was very helpful in the not stabbing anyone part! thanks for the shout out!

21 06 2011

i am endlessly impressed by your efforts. and your wardrobe. although i am excited to get to see you shop!

23 06 2011

I want to go to the waterfalls!!!!

27 06 2011

you should! it’s so beautiful out there. and so close! (p.s. watch out for ticks)

5 07 2011
free-basing: 10 date ideas that don’t cost a damn thing. « broke 207

[…] portland trails: i obviously hit on this one a week or two ago, but there’s nothing like a nice long hike in a beautiful place (with no entry fee) to help […]

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