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22 06 2011
Corey Templeton

That’s a good catch! I usually prefer the Amtrak but $1 fares are worth the lack of legroom for two hours.

27 06 2011

yeah, i definitely prefer the train (big bathrooms! snack car!), but i want to go to boston to check out the chihuly exhibit next month, and $1 fare is really impossible to ignore.

25 06 2011

I am so on this! This summer in Boston the various museums are offering free days, and I was already planning on going thinking we would do the train since its close to our house but the el cheapo fares make me say bus!

27 06 2011

i saw the electricity show at the science museum fort he first time this spring! me and all the other amazed 10 year olds. i definitely can’t say no to a $1 fare. it makes boston feel like it’s in the back yard.

2 07 2011

I am up for a $2 adventure to Boston anytime, FYI.

I am also impressed with the movie selection and free WiFi of the Concord Trailways ride.

And I agree about the sketchy Greyhound station. It heebs me out!

(Oh, I’m coming around on FB, too. I get some really good info on there and have a more active “follower” base than my passive base on Twitter)

4 07 2011

wait, there’s wifi on concord trailways? well then, $2 boston adventure here we come!!! you just tell me when.

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