acid flashback.

24 07 2011

i am a child of the 80s. when i was born, video stores didn’t exist. but by the time i was 6- BAM, there they were. you could rent an atari 5200, or any one of tens of titles on VHS or betamax.  as a young child being seduced by the glory of in-home movie viewing (commercial free!), there were precious few titles available in the G ratings bracket in 1984.

also, my comprehension of the english language was still in its formative stages. so, i relied entirely on movie box pictures to make my choices. i was particularly obsessed with the movie above: angel- high school honor student by day, hollywood hooker by night.

obviously at 6, i didn’t know what a hooker was. i merely saw pretty shoes and shiny hot pants. what could possibly be inappropriate? my older sister and i would BEG repeatedly for this movie every single time we went to the video store… never fully understanding why we were being shut down. unfortunately,  being the prudent parent that she is, my mother never caved.

flash forward 25+ years later.

despite being readily available on netflix (with a 4 star recommendation based on some other hilarious movies that i’ve watched), i have never managed to view it as a consenting 17+. actually, i had forgotten about it entirely for many many years (it would fade slowly from local video stores to be replaced with “higher quality” fare usually starring eddie murphy in a fat suit). until…


over the last few years, i have worked diligently on my DVD collection. that is, assuming that none of the DVDs in question cost more than $3. between big lots, flea markets,  and bullmoose, i’ve actually done quite well for myself. and lately, probably faced with the sharply plummeting buyback rates of places like bullmoose and newbury comics, goodwill has even occasionally been giving up the goods.

for example…


*BAM*  $1.99! i actually haven’t been able to crack it out of the pristine plastic cocoon yet, but soon. i’m a little nervous to be disappointed after almost 30 years of build-up. perhaps it’s time for an angel viewing party  (i could use the moral support)?  according to my sources, she’s gonna help us catch a necrophiliac prostitute serial killer (the prostitutes aren’t necrophiliac, the serial killer is). do i have any takers?



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24 07 2011

omg – it’s been decades since i’ve seen this movie! (watched clandestinely as i recorded it for my dad, which is another story altogether. how us kids got custody of the vcr in the divorce, i still don’t understand…)
anywho, you must, must, must invite me to the viewing party! we’ll try to avoid the comparison of removing the dvd’s plastic wrap to the theme of your last big house party…

1 08 2011

i definitely need company when i watch this. and knowing that it has your approval, makes it all that much better. maybe i can be hollywood hooker angel this year for halloween…

25 07 2011

You should convince MENSK make the next Rooftop Film a double feature(

1 08 2011

you ma’am, are a GENIUS. everyone loves a hooker with a heart of gold.

31 07 2011
liquidation sales suck cock. « broke 207

[…] not exactly a bargain when the dvds in question are $20-$60 each. didn’t i just say that my cut off for new dvds was $3? again, i hit the bricks with […]

1 08 2011

this made me spew my coffee. so funny.

1 08 2011

we aim to please.

18 08 2011

I’m in! Should I set up the projector???

22 08 2011

there is a shocking amount of interest in this. PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRTY!

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