back to school.

29 08 2011

well, i’ve been a lazy sack this summer, and it was AWESOME. i actually read some trashy books, went to the beach, ate ice cream cones, got a terrible sunburn, did some flea marketing… all the best summer cliches, TO THE MAX.

although now that things are cooling down, i’m digging out my sweaters, dreaming of the pumpkin harvest and watching all the kiddos are getting shoveled back into their classrooms (as if that affects me in any way other than the bountiful reaping of cheap composition notebooks). and, i’m feeling ready to get back down to business.

so as of this morning, summer hours are officially closed.

what does this mean for you?

well, it means:

1. more posting! ok, not like that time that i lied to you and told you that i was going to post every day (i’m such a scumbag!)… but definitely more than once a week.

2. new features! i had a brilliant idea for a a new fashion feature, along with some recipes and some other awesome shit. possibly. possibly some other awesome shit.

3. old feautres! hey, whatever happened to the weekend pickthrough? or what about that time i tried to start a “store spotlight” section? and although increasingly this blog has moved away from the coupon factor (best left to maine’s own extreme couponer, i love to gossip), i would like to bring it back some deal hunting in smaller more subtle ways.

4. special events! one of my favorite things about the past year was my chance to be involved in some crazy projects. well, i’m definitely planning on keeping that shit rolling now that i’m done being lazy. there’s another SWAPmaine scheduled for october (we’re still working on the dates & location, but picture BIGGER & BETTER!), another IKEAbus planned for the spring, as well as the revival of the makeup project, and possibly a mystery event/appearance or two.  would anyone be into a cheap beer pub crawl/meetup (perhaps a joint venture with deal me in portland)?

anyway, thank you for weathering the low keyness that was my summer posting schedule. it was much needed, but i’m ready to reanimate. let me know if there’s anything new you’d like to see/old you’d like to see revived/thing you’d love to see more of/thing you never want to see again. or, you can just tell me what you did with your summer vacation.

i should go, because i’m going to be late for work. BUT, i’ll be back tomorrow with a small announcement about a “celebrity” appearance i’ll be making in september.



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29 08 2011

Fabulous! I don’t know if this is really worth considering and since I barely know most folks here, I figured maybe I could partner with someone else who does. But what about a monthly blog up or meeting of Maine bloggers. I know there is the tweet-ups but I guess I see the blog up being more about the issues Maine bloggers face,etc also it’s an excuse to get together.

9 09 2011

i’ve been wanting to do a monthly blog meet up FOREVER, and i’ve just been really lazy about it. perhaps we could do it together? i even bought a domain name! think you could drag yourself to portland once a month?

29 08 2011

Sounds like you had a great summer! The Dealer is totally in for a blogger happy hour or pub crawl. Thirsty Pig has $2.50 beers and free peanuts every day from 4-7, and a sweet deck…

9 09 2011

seriously though, we should get together and organize a pub crawl. maybe we can con some local bars into serving some decent beers on the cheap. p.s. i do love free peanuts. thirsty pig just keeps getting better all the time.

9 09 2011

Happy to help…all I need to plan a pub crawl is a theme and I can sketch out a route

11 09 2011

we need to have a sit down and talk about theme, and how we want to promote it. and if nobody comes, we can just get drunk together. i could think of much worse things to do with my time. 😀

29 08 2011


30 08 2011

Count me in (for everything)!

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