weekend pickthrough- parking lot commerce edition.

5 09 2011

i once knew this guy who had saved up $2,000 for a new computer. as luck would have it, he stopped to get gas, and 2 guys in an van asked him if he wanted to buy a really nice set of speakers that they happened to have in their van. as chance would have it, the low low price was exactly $2,000. SO HE BOUGHT THEM. i wish i could remember the brand, but according to him, they were $10,000. the deal of the century! and probably only slightly stolen.

it worked out pretty great for him i guess, but not so well for this lady who tried to buy an ipad from a mcdonald’s parking lot. oops. maybe she can use it as a doorstop, or burn it for warmth? although seriously, who buys a parking lot ipad (ok, who buys a parking lot ipad at all…) and DOESN’T OPEN THE BOX? as much as i hate to see people get taken advantage of, this chick kind of deserved it. at least the article didn’t use her real name!

once a guy tried to sell me weed in monument square, but i can honestly stay that i have never been approached to buy suspect goods out of a van in a fast food parking lot.  what’s the shiftiest thing you ever bought?

oh, and here’s some links:

do not speak ill of the magic the gathering world champion, unless you want the internet to hand your ass to you repeatedly (and they won’t be gentle about it).

top 10 reasons to make gay marriage illegal (now with extra unicorns).

too pretty to do homework. apparently, jc penney is too pretty to review their product lines before they hit the shelves and cause a GIANT FUCKING PR NIGHTMARE. (p.s. i don’t care if they apologized, this shit is NOT OK). *even if you’re already tired of hearing about this story, the anderson cooper angle will still make you squeal with delight.

currently obsessed with this new deal site that sells shit like crazy toys and pi shaped bottle openers. they know what i like.

the worst thing that has ever happened to beer since… no, i’m pretty sure this is the worst thing.

apparently i’m not the only one who likes to recast popular tv shows & movies with muppets.

pretty much the coolest birthday party that has ever been thrown. *as a side note, i would like to register my disapproval of the following statement: “mario and luigi hats for all the boys, and princess crowns for all the girls.” (you keep your gender norms out of super mario world!). although the chomp pinata makes me forgive them a little.

i weep.



2 responses

5 09 2011

My favorite detail is that the parking lot iPad scammers at least took the time to paint an apple logo on the block of wood. Or is that Photoshop? Either way, nice touch.

9 09 2011

i think they either painted it on, or it’s a sticker. gotta give them props for attention to detail.

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