the september issue.

9 09 2011

if you’ve ever been a reader of fashion magazines, you know that the september issue is notoriously huge (usually about 2 inches thick). one would think that its increased bulk is due solely to the coverage of the fall collections, but one would be wrong. sure, maybe fashion week coverage adds a few pages here and there, but far more than half of the 758 pages in this year’s september issue are ads, ads, and oh- isn’t that some more ads over there?

now, these ads are usually for all sorts of high and brands- your standards chanels, and guccis and marc jacobs types… nothing remarkable (actually, they all tend to look exactly the same to me, you would think they would try harder). however, this year, i noticed and interesting trend. in addition to the standard fancy pantsness, there was a disproportionately large amount of ads for more pedestrian (discount even!) chains trying to keep up with the couture.

lots and lots of celebrity designed lines (karadashians for sears? oh lord!), but also just a general attempt to show that dowdy department stores are at least trying a little bit more than usual to keep up in the contemporary fashion marketplace. edgy ad campaigns! more modern shapes!

well, i ripped all the ads out, and decided that i would do a shopping tour of this supposedly affordable high end design. i am most excited for lagerfeld for macys, and french connection for sears, but my initial inspiration came from the very charming (most especially amongst the satin draped airbrushed bone racks that the rest of the ads were schilling) “money can’t buy style” campaign by kmart.

well, it just so happened that was going to augusta this week, where resides one of the last remaining kmarts in maine. also, it is my hometown.

this last fact really should have have increased my awareness of the high possibility for disappointment in this venture. much like the portland target is the only one that gets the designer collections (ooh, also very excited about missoni for target!), the augusta kmart gets NOTHING. you can view photographic evidence of the dismal array on my flickr, but if you’re too lazy to click, i can assure you that it was elasticated pants and embroidered jaclyn smith sweatshirts as far as the eye can see.

not to give up entirely on my mission, i spent sever hours yesterday assembling the following polyvore set as my love letter to the genuine possibilities available at the big K:

as it turns out, i love clutch purses, sequins, and anything with a neckbow. and kmart delivered! but seriously, i was actually a little surprised to find so many things that i would wear. i’m sure the quality isn’t any better (if at all) than your standard forever21 grade with questionable construction and a full array of polyester blends… but who gives a fuck? i can buy every single thing in that picture for $345 (which i would totally do if i had $345, but i don’t, so i might just get the gold t-straps, the floral dress, and the bracelet).

acid flashback to 13 year old allie throwing a massive shit fit when her mother tried to make her go into kmart to buy trash bags. “BUT WHAT IF SOMEONE SEES ME!? THEY’LL THINK THAT I SHOP HERE!” apparently, kmart was social suicide back in 1988, but is it still? would you shop at kmart for clothes to where any place but a halloween party?



2 responses

9 09 2011

I would have to think long and hard about going to my local kmart. it’s in portsmouth, nh and it is scary as shit. it makes wal-mart look like neiman marcus. we’re talking i think they let the loonies out of the local mental hospital and drop them all off right in front…

9 09 2011

yeah. i had forgotten how terrifying the kmart was in my hometown. it even smelled the same… better to just order online.

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