weekend pickthrough- vacation is over edition.

11 09 2011

i just had the worst vacation of my entire life. mostly i stayed home with my very sick dog just trying to get him by until his appointment with the specialist on friday. intermittently, i would cry or eat until i was sick. i basically had to be in the same room with him at all times, so all the things that were on my “TO DO” list (refinish my coffee table, make curtains, do all the laundry, go to the gym every day…) totally to didn’t get done. also, i come out of my week exhausted, cranky, and with a weird (and unattractive) stress rash on my neck. oh, and i gained 3 pounds. work would have been better.

ok, no more whining.

ok, maybe one last whine to punctuate my flamingly shitty week. vet specialst= $600. i was quoted $130 + pills or treatments. and thought, “how bad could it be?” SO BAD. $82 for prescription dog food. $72 for antibiotics! the specialist was actually awesome, and poor kazuki is already much improved from the massive bacterial infection & 2 ear infections that he was sporting this week.  he’ll be in the cone for a while, but a full recovery is in his immediate future. and shit, i would have spent $6,000 if i had to. i would take a bullet for that fucking dog (just look at him).

anyway, here are some awesome links to wash out the taste of badness:

first and foremost, a hot guy being nuzzled by a hairless cat.

the sad truth about feather hair extensions. (via the magical little eye designs)

an awesome list of healthy foods that barely cost a thing.

i wish i could draw, so i could do this to my facebook friends.

the universe has officially run out of ideas for new tv shows. out of the entire fall lineup, only one show actually appeals to me (can you guess?). is it just me or are the mad men ripoffs COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL?

the most touching story ever told (with the sims). seriously, i teared up over this shit.

who do you think can mayor? (at least a few of these candidates are mentally stable, right?)

how to turn good gnomes evil.




6 responses

12 09 2011

Hot guy? Whatever. I can’t even see any rippling abs.

15 09 2011

oh kristina… you’re so hopelessly superficial. i weep for you. i really do.

12 09 2011

knowledge is magic… and power! and usually depressing!

15 09 2011

it’s amazing to me how many people don’t research/care about where their products come from. this made me super sad, and i can only imagine that the situation will get worse as more people want these extension. hopefully, the trend will be short lived.

13 09 2011

the sad truth about feather hair extensions is you look like a douche bag when you wear them!

15 09 2011

be nice! i’ve seen some that look good, i think it’s how subtle the color is and where they’re placed… either way, you won’t be seeing me sporting any, and that’s all for the best on a number of levels.

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