weekend pickthrough- flip turned upside down edition.

19 09 2011

yeah, i know it’s pretty sad that i couldn’t squeeze out another post last week. weekend pickthroughs back to back is pretty shameful. but this week, things in my life got a little shaken up (no, i’m not moving to bel air). some kind of awesome stuff happened  (for example, i’m gonna be motherfucking clara in this year’s burlesque nutcracker!). and some less awesome stuff happened (we’ll talk later). but mostly, my brain pretty much exploded and oozed out my ears. i spent most of the weekend in a benadryl coma trying to regain some semblance of equilibrium.

so far, slowly surfacing. but you know that thing about best laid plans or whatever. we’ll try again tomorrow. in the meantime, all you can eat link buffet below.

p.s. remember when will smith was awesome and hilarious? it pains me deeply that he seems to have morphed into a humorless oscar hungry scientologist. boo.

hobo nickels. that is all.

why does nailpolish always have stupid names like “princesses rule!” if only they made these nerdy nail polishes in real life, i might actually give myself a manicure every now and again.

amazing and mysterious book sculptures are turning up in libraries all over scotland.

higgs boson joke anyone?

a lesson in creativity from the kool aid man (OH YEAH).

is anyone else having a hard time feeling bad for these poor oppressed fashion models?

just in case you missed it, nic cage was almost assaulted with a fudgicle this week (or is it fudgsicle?)

“I hope it all makes sense now, I don’t want you guys thinking that all it took was a nice pair of properly fitting jeans, a job that pays over 20k a year and a few dates with a woman in a pantsuit for me to completely sell out.”


well now, this is weird.

infinitely cooler than wishing wells.

lastly, please share my outrage. these are easily the 19 least surprising things that you can do with zipper bags. get your shit together real simple.



4 responses

19 09 2011

i cannot wait to see you in the nutcracker burlesque. and whoever wrote that ziploc bag article should be shot in the square. jesus.

22 09 2011

thank you for backing me up on the ziploc article! i was utterly appalled. as for nutcracker… guaranteed to be fun. most especially because you can drink in the theater. please hoot for me. it’s only dignified.

21 09 2011

i can’t get past hobo nickels

22 09 2011

hobo nickels are amazing. kind of makes me want to learn how to do it, but i’d probably just end up destroying a lot of nickels.

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