worth the trip- makeup project resurrection edition.

22 09 2011

or free lipgloss, whatever you’re into.

it’s been a while since i mentioned the makeup project. and well, it’s an xmas season kind of thing, so it didn’t seem necessary to bother y’all too much about it this summer. but all the sudden, it’s cold.  halloween shit is on sale EVERYWHERE (free candy corn @ CVS this week, but vegetarians beware, there will be gelatin!), and i have friends organizing apple picking dates on facebook. the truth has become evident: WINTER IS COMING.

and with this onset of the transition into corn maze and mitten weather, it only seems appropriate that i start to refocus my efforts on my winter projects like the fall SWAPmaine clothing swap, and of course, getting the ole cosmetic hoard for the year together to see how much further i have to go before december rolls around.

i’ve actually been really good so far this year. apparently, CVS changes its cosmetics wall twice a year (which means 75% discount fiesta), but also randomly marks things down throughout the year (just keep your coupon folder handy, and scan for these little round stickers whenever you go in). needless to say, i’ve got a pretty great stash going. here’s the count as of today:

9 make-up bags
10 mascaras
8 eye liners
35 eye shadows
10 blush
19 lip gloss
23 nail polish
a metal lunchbox full of bonne bell lipsmackers of various flavors and levels of sparkle

i am also collecting an odd assortment of fragrance and beauty samples. basically, anything that isn’t too weird and grandmaesque, that a 15 year old could dig. (hoard your samples, i want them!)

i’d like to do 25 bags again, and i’m well on my way. but cutting back to that ever elusive chase, i’ve still got some serious work to do. this pursuit will be aided greatly by this week’s sweet revlon sale at CVS. super lustrous, moon drops, or colorburst lip for $6.49 with $5 back in extrabucks (and you can get 6!). if you’re extra lucky like me, you got the 25% off coupon in your email  (although it does say that it doesn’t apply to sale or promotional items, does that count extrabucks deals out? anyone?), you can make yourself about $.80 on the deal. either way, $1.49 each is still a really good.

so if you should stagger into a local CVS this week, you should keep my little project in mind (or at least the welfare of your own beautiful glossy lips). also, if you spot any supercheap (but still cute) makeup bags, send me an email. they’re still the toughest element to track down, and i don’t want to wait until the last minute and get totally screwed (like i did last year).



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22 09 2011

Yes!! As of today I’ll be scanning the cosmetics section of the flyers and hitting up the coupon clippers for extra savings!

3 10 2011

sweet! did you get your free extrabucks this week? i fucking love CVS.

22 09 2011

Isn’t there also a 1.00 off Revlon coupon floating out there that could be paired with that? Or did it expire? I’m so behind on my coupons.

3 10 2011

infuriatingly, maine does not get revlon coupons in our fliers. the only ones i’ve ever been able to get my hands on are the occasional “$1/1 revlon beauty tool”. disappointing.

23 09 2011

hey i stumbled upon your blog randomly. good work .
its been about 2 months, but i saw makeup bags at mardens. They are a dollar each for smaller ones which are about the size of purple bag in the picture.

3 10 2011

thank you! and mardens is a brilliant idea. i’ve really got to make an effort to get out there every couple of weeks and dig. maybe reny’s would be a good place to look? i scored some cute pencil cases at family dollar last year. would it be too hokey if i made some this year?

14 11 2011
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