weekenDD pickthrough- two Ds for a double dose of posting.

3 10 2011

yeah, i was supposed to post that magnificent dr. scholl’s review like 3 days ago, but i just haven’t had a second to get my shit together. as a result, i decided to double post today, so that the weekend pickthrough doesn’t come out on thursday (or not at all- causing my hard farmed links to get stale and sad).

it’s 2:30 in the morning, and i drank a bunch of coke with my silly’s dinner and i can’t sleep… i’m up hanging out on the couch with my dog watching “father of the bride”, so why not post again while i wait for the fried pickles to digest?

is there a nobel prize for awesomest children’s books ever? because this woman should be nominated win.

OMG. caramel filled cider cookies. OMG. although, i’m not thrilled about the powdered cider mix thang- does anyone have a recipe with real cider?

giving beloved comic book heroines boob jobs and putting them in superhero hookerwear is not always the best way to gain a new readership. a disappointed 7 year old tells it like it is.

someday soon, i will get lost in this corn maze. anyone up for a field trip?

this is the best fansite about the best tv show ever made. (from this point forward, you will address me as mrs. cumberbatch. lady cumberbatch is also acceptable).

last year it was pumpkins. this year, the peanut crops went bust. stockpile now, because the price of peanut butter is going UP.

doritos flavors from around the world.  (102 to be exact. sign me up for the fondue flavor!)

dear ryan gosling…

finally, we can all be fake computer hackers, just like on CSI (or NCIS,  or bones, or criminal minds, or… take your pick).


can someone please smack sally draper across the face and remind her that she is 11, not 65?


*and if you don’t get the upgrayedd joke (two d’s, for a double dose of pimpin’), then you haven’t seen idiocracy. and as such, your life is woefully incomplete. i own it, and i’m happy to lend it to you if you ask real nice.



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