weekend pickthrough- bottom of the sea edition.

17 10 2011

changing jobs is hard. somehow, i forgot about that part. i spent the majority of last week either lapsing into couch comas or trying to keep myself from bursting into hysterical tears at inopportune moments (with mixed results).

and then there was the part where i didn’t have time for the internet. which is weird, because i pretty much live on the internet full time. it’s my natural habitat (well, the internet and target).

basically, i was either trying to get my bearings at my new job (situation improving, if slowly), alseep, or sobbing hysterically in an unfortunate place. no twitter, no facebook, no gchat…  i feel like i was incarcerated, or in a coma, or at the bottom of the sea for the last 7 days, and i’m just finally resurfacing. i’m disoriented, and a little cranky. but i’m back, and as always, sorry for dropping off the planet for a bit.

i have a full lineup of posting schedule for this week (including my annual bad halloween costume roundup), but for the transition back into normalcy, let’s just start with a few easy links:

last week to enter the bullmoose merch design contest! ($200 and it doesn’t even need to have a moose on it)

hot damn i love a flow chart.

how to fold a pocket square.

somebody needs to go ahead and buy me one of these stunning wooden rockets. i deserve it, i promise.

i generally have an intense dislike for funny internet videos, but racist field trip had me at hello.

ridiculous animated gifs of sexual positions that will both inform you AND crack you right the hell up. VERY NSFW

you’ve been lied to. it’s totally cool to end sentences with prepositions.

i can’t possibly be the only person out there coveting urinary system wallpaper. (or maybe i am)

on a non-link related note, old navy is having a CRAZY sale in stores right now (i believe it’s called the “fall haul”. 75% off a lot of their current season, plus an additional 30% off clearance prices. i spent $100 and got a pair of shoes, a fall jacket, 2 pairs of pants, 2 skirts, 3 blouses, and a reusable coffee cup. that’s an average of $10 per item. GOOD STUFF.










One response

17 10 2011

i can’t wait to hear about your new job. that wallpaper gave me the heebs.

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