suck-o-ween is where it’s at.

24 10 2011

why yes, i am dressed as michael jackson if he were a low rent hooker.

as you may have noticed at this point, i’m not a big fan of commercial halloween costumes. not only do they tend to be poorly made and overpriced, but they are unfailingly a train wreck of bad ideas, tasteless jokes, and misogynistic clichés. either that, or they’re straight up stupid. in short, THEY SUUUUUCK.

every year, i like to do a little roundup of all the worst possible halloween costumes available on the retail market, and attempt to convince the masses that they’re so much better than the slut and dick joke parade, and hopefully inspire them to go home made or go home.

here is this year’s evidence…


1. a ripped sweatshirt and pair of polyester legwarmers for $54 (hooker heels not included)? the person who buys this costume is officially the biggest sucka foo in the universe.  go to goodwill, buy a fucking sweatshirt. go to target, buy some fucking legwarmers. $10- DONE.

2. this sexy ninja turtle costume represents new lows in super hero costume crappery. the real donatello would not be impressed.

3. there is officially no genre left untouched by slut-o-ween.

4. SEXY BRIAN GRIFFIN. i have no more words. (at least it’s on clearance)

5. risky raccoon! or perhaps you’re better suited to skanky skunk?


1. two in the pink… and OH NO THEY DIDN’T!


3. i have absolutely no idea what i’m looking at here, but i’m positive that it is both gross AND wrong.

4. well, you knew the dick jokes were coming. (sexual harassment lawsuit anyone?)

5. or, you could take it in the other direction… OR NOT. [shudder]

i must admit, at least in the men’s/unisex category, there were a couple of pretty cool costumes that probably wouldn’t bring shame on your family. and i did also find conclusive proof that making your own costume can go horribly, horribly wrong. but for $50 a pop, store bought costumes are still ludicrously spendy for most budgets. a really great halloween costume doesn’t need to cost more than $10 if you apply some effort, and dig real deep into that ingenuity hole.

although if you’re in the mood throw down your wad on a legendary halloween ensemble, ignore the overpriced siren song of the halloween store, and hit the fabric store instead. nothing is more impressive (and satisfying) on halloween than a truly epic costume that you made all by yourself.



8 responses

25 10 2011

i can’t breathe. A SKANKY SKUNK?! who stole my idea?!?!?!

27 10 2011

what happened to bronx grandma? you’re far too classy for skanky skunk. risky raccoon maybe…

30 10 2011

I’m more scared that the genie costume was sold out!

7 11 2011

i am proud to report that i didn’t see any parading around portland over halloween weekend. i like to think that some rich humanitarian ordered them all and then burned them so that nobody would have to suffer the shame and degradation of wearing one.

30 10 2011

Hi, Allie!

I met you at the SWAP on Saturday, + finally got a chance to check out your blog tonight! Then I noticed that you have me on your list of Best Maine Blogs! You are so sweet. Thanks for that 🙂

Anyway, it was lovely to meet you the other day even if we didn’t really have time to chat. I’m now subscribed + can’t wait to read more of your blog!


7 11 2011

it was lovely to meet you too! and your blog is adorable as hell (thus, its position on my sidebar). i wish i had any remote photo talent, so that my blog was as pretty as yours. anyway… thanks for helping out at the swap, and continue being awesome!

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