weekend pickthrough- swapmaine hangover edition.

31 10 2011

we came. we saw. we SWAPPED. installment number two of the swapmaine citywide clothing swap went off on saturday afternoon like goddamn gangbusters (thanks especially to all of our donors, and our legion of impeccably dressed volunteers). we managed to scare up over 300 people, 3,000 lbs of clothing, and a whole fistful of money to donate to goodwill of northern new england! (we glow with pride)

of course, what we really want to talk about is what did we score?

sadly, i didn’t have too much time to shop in the chaos, but i did grab a few choice bits and pieces here and there

some of my favs are pictured to the left:

1. dkny silk maxi sailor dress (circa 1990ish)

2. YSL slik twill scarf (does anyone know how to get stains out of a silk scarf?)

3. amazing vintage slip

4. acid green heels

5. incredible glass brooch made by some company called “accessocraft NYC”

i also got a fistful of super soft racerback tanks, an olive green boatneck top from banana republic, a gold embellished t-shirt from j. crew, an unbelievable 90s print scarf, a printed cowlneck blouse, and a berry colored wrap sweater that makes me feel like a ballerina.  a totally respectable haul.

now before i move on to this week’s random ass links, i want to take a minute [imagine quiet voice here] to thank everyone who came out and joined in the madness. i hope you all enjoyed the bigger space and addition of snacks and raffle (FYI: whoever got the vintage jewelry lot is now my  mortal enemy).  and i just wanted to let you all know that as participants,  it is now your civic duty to take pictures of your amazing new things and send them to us (swapmaine@gmail.com) so that we can add them to our flickr and show them off to the world when we’re bragging about the superiority of our swap. adorable swap volunteer julia has already put hers up on her equally adorable blog, so GET TO IT YOU GODDAMN LAZY SLACKERS!

we also had our own roaming photog (thanks audrey!) snapping away during the event, so you should probably check back at the blog in a day or two to see if you’re swapmaine famous yet.

oh, but those links i was talking about… (because it’s almost 1 am, and i’m still a bit beat up and exhausted from all the swapping action).

not sure if brilliant or terrifying to teach ESL kids with internet memes… (oh wait, FTFY)

i honestly wasn’t sure if the 5th one down was chaz bono or jonah hill. it really does make sense either way.

my awesome friend molly is having a photo contest.  you love contests.

since i made you look at all those awful costumes last week, here is a round up of straight up of all the best costumes from san diego comic-con.

have your kid’s drawing made into the coolest stuffed animal known to man. 



what’s the worst movie sequel you know? make a fake criterion, and win yourself a prize!






4 responses

31 10 2011

Thanks for sharing my finds! I had such an amazing time, and I hope I can be a part of the next one, too!


31 10 2011

P.s. Feel free to use the photos I posted on my blog in your flickr feed!

7 11 2011

That Sailor dress came from the last Swap via my friend Heather. Mandy Wheeler of Shop Grandma June grabbed it and re-Swapped!

26 11 2011

i feel a little cooler knowing that my dress at one point belonged to mandy. my taste isn’t terrible after all! although i did wear it to work last week, and felt a little bit like a pentacostal compound bride (or at least like chloe sevigny a la big love).

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