a long overdue apology/thanks.

14 11 2011

i’m kind of an asshole.

one time, i got married (for like a year), and i didn’t even send out thank you notes to my family. and can i just say, that even though the wedding was in 2007, i still feel guilty about it ALL THE TIME. if you’re out there wilson family relatives… i’m so sorry. i burn with shame and regret.

but here i am anyway, being a jerk again.

a few weeks ago, a reader named sue contacted me about the makeup project, because she had scored some free blush she wasn’t going to use. AWESOME. except it took me a few days to answer her, and i felt like a jerk.

AND THEN, she contacted me again… and i got busy and didn’t respond. jerk +1.

AND THEN, she showed up at the swap drop off with makeup… and i wasn’t there to meet her.

AND THEN, she showed up at the swap with a beautiful bounty of makeup bags, and i finally got to say thank you, and  made a jackass out of myself. i believe my exact words were: “i so want to hug you, but i’m worried about invading your personal space”. she excused herself swiftly.

AND THEN, she emailed me again, and i decided that i wanted to thank her by writing a blog post about how awesome she is… and it took me 2 weeks to do it.

so sue… I’M SORRY! i know i’m kind of a jerkwagon, but i didn’t want to let another day go by without thanking you for your incredible gift. sorry i’m so spastic, but it is in no way a reflection on my gratefulness for your generosity.

despite my being an asshat, the makeup project is really coming along. the makeup bags are HUGE, because they’re the hardest thing to get on sale. and finding ones that are affordable and cute is near impossible. blush and face cosmetics are the 2nd hardest thing to get, so sue really got it right. and if she hasn’t decided to shun me completely for my behavior, apparently there are some taylor swift journals coming too.

and since i’m talking about the makeup project, now is as good a time as ever to plug for donations (and just in case you don’t feel like reading the whole back story, i’m making fun cosmetic bags with couponed makeup to donate to the preble street resource center teen center xmas party)…

i’m still looking for:

makeup bags
eyelash curlers
small samples of exciting fragrances or beauty products (birchbox ladies, send me your leftovers!)

other stuff i have but still need more of:

nail polish
teen appropriate lipstick and lip gloss
eye shadow
blush/bronzer & face cosmetics

if you’re not the coupon type, but still want to make a deposit in the makeup project donation bucket, i highly recommend placing an order at eyeslipsface. pretty much everything is just $1, and super cute. also, if you get on their email list, they have great 50% sales all the time. i got this sweet haul for $18 last month (including shipping).



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14 11 2011

in the last couple of years i have given wedding presents, baby shower presents and graduation presents and not received a thank you note. this infuriates me, especially since i wasn’t there at the event, and really have no idea if the present was ever received (except for the wedding asshole, he cashed that check). i think manners in general have gone to hell. people don’t even say “please” and “thank you” anymore for fuck’s sake. i’m not making a judgement on you, it’s just that your post made me think of the baby shower present i sent 2 months ago and have no idea if it was received by my douchbag niece….gotta facebook message her and find out if she got that swag.

anyhoo – bravo on the makeup project! it totally makes up for your lack of thank you notes!

26 11 2011

it’s ok to make a judgement on me chris. i deserve it. and in fact, i genuinely feel terrible for at least a few minutes almost every day for my bad deeds. at first i had some plans to make it up… and then i got divorced and my little world turned to shreds for a while, and some things fell by the wayside. but i never will stop being sorry about it. the makeup project totally doesn’t cover me for being a jerk, but i am trying really hard not to be a jerk in the future.

22 11 2011

birch box leftovers coming atcha

26 11 2011

AWESOME! i will take your cast offs happily.

27 11 2011

I totally do this all the time. A whole bunch of things are paved with good intentions…oh wait I totally forgot how the saying even went because I am such an asshole. As long as we feel bad about these things, that’s what really matters….right? RIGHT?! I’ll try to get some good makeup bags again to donate and try to make it not at the last minute. Also, I hope that next time I go near your street there are hoodlums running around like there was last time! Do you live in a heavily gang activity neighborhood? Perhaps you should be more concerned with that. (Now I gave you something else to worry about! hoooooooray!) Also, good job with the Swap again.

29 01 2012

This is the funniest, saddest, weirdest, most entertaining blogs I’ve ever come across. I am a follower! Love it!

9 02 2012

thank you! that is a lovely compliment that i probably don’t deserve, but I’ll take it!

17 09 2012
i’m podcast famous! also, i’m an asshole. « broke 207

[…] and met a shitload of wonderful people.  but because i’m also an asshole ( a lucky asshole), i don’t say thank you enough.  or in this particular case, soon […]

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