i’m podcast famous! also, i’m an asshole.

17 09 2012

i’m a lucky lady. in the whole almost 3 years of this blog (my blogiversary is on the 23 if anyone wants to get wasted on cheap champagne with me), i’ve gotten nominated for stuff, got to speak at stuff, guest posted on a whole mess of wonderful bogs, and met a shitload of wonderful people.  but because i’m also an asshole ( a lucky asshole), i don’t say thank you enough.  or in this particular case, soon enough.

lannalee maheux is a motherfucking rock star. while maintaining a full time job, marriage (although i’m sure that it helps that he’s also a fellow blogger/podcaster), and two hilariously named cats (lenny & squiggy), she also somehow has time for 3 PODCASTS, a blog, and a career as a balloon engineer. seriously lanna- what sorcery is this!? do you sleep? ever?

anyway, it must have been a slow week on the podcast circuit, because lanna asked me to be on her interview podcast “lounging with lanna lee (adventures in conversation)”. as you can imagine, it was kick ass. basically, she came to my house and we sat at my kitchen table for like 2 hours and talked. i prattled on about IKEA and my new blender. oh, and kazuki even made an appearance. basically, if you ever wanted to hear me ramble about my silly life, now is your chance!

but seriously, lanna is a great interviewer, and we ended up talking in my apartment for another hour+ even after we were done taping. 3 weeks ago. yeah… i fell asleep writing a blog post about it the night it came out, and i never quite got my focus back. i know, i suck. i’m so sorry lanna!


but, it sort of worked out. it worked out because 2 awesome things happened to lanna last week that are probably way more interesting to you than me rambling about candy.

1. as a result of her involvement as a speaker at the recent “agents of change” conference (which i also attended, and was super great), lanna got to lounge with CHRIS MOTHERFUCKING BROGAN. holy shit, right? she’ll be putting that podcast up really soon, so if you wanted to skip over my episode and skip right to this one, i would totally understand.

2. lanna has just been asked to speak at the 2012 “state of NOW” conference, which is a fantastic opportunity for her to smear her special brand of awesome all over the midewest (kansas city!). unfortunately, this involves actually getting to the midwest… which is kinda pricey. lanna just started an indiegogo campaign to help fund her trip, because apparently you can’t pay for plane tickets with free podcasts.  who knew? but if you do end up listening to/enjoying any of the podcasts on her site (or on itunes), please do consider slipping a dollar or two into her digital g-string. we are lucky that the internet exists (thanks al gore!), and that there is so much incredible free content out there for us to consume. sometimes (possibly now), it’s the right time to show our gratitude with money.



3 responses

17 09 2012
Lanna Lee Maheux (@lannalee)

Love this. 😉

17 09 2012
Trisha Smith

Awesome. With sauce!

3 10 2012
Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn

I think this makes your full of awesome.

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