Pinkies OUT!

29 11 2012

yeah, i’m horribly delinquent. it’s been a rough couple of months for me on a number of fronts, but even as i slowly pull out of my tailspin of procedural cop drama and cookies in bed, i’m still having a hard time getting my shit together to write again. although, i can promise a lengthy exploration about why i decided that putting naked pictures of myself on the internet is probably not the best way to make myself feel better (don’t worry mom, i didn’t do it). however, in my long absence, i have gravely neglected to talk about a project that i was working on, and i’m sincerely hoping that it’s not too late to grab your attention and your time for a minute.

this holiday season, the ladies of swapmaine decided to see what would happen if we got ALL FANCY for the holidays. so, instead of having our standard “all you can grab” style swap of big bins and big digging, we’re throwing an intimate little cocktail party swap where everyone brings just a few of their very best things, drinks some bubbly, nibbles some snacks, and goes home with 5 immaculately perfect items. it’s kinda gonna be an amazing. here’s why:

1. because this dress will be there. and because everyone is limited to 5 things, if it doesn’t fit you, you can put it back and take something else. it’ll be more like shopping and less like rollerderby. which is good, because you’ll probably be wearing a cocktail dress.

2. because in addition to swapping yourself a little holiday cheer, you can knock off a few items on your xmas list in our vintage accessory boutique. i’ll be there, fighting the masses for this mind blowing vintage bracelet. prices will be reasonable, and credit cards will be accepted.

3. because $20 is nothing to pay for 5 gorgeous items, fun mingly times, and free snacks.

4. because the holidays are all about the spirit of giving, and how could you possibly turn down an opportunity to help raise funds for a great cause like goodwill of northern new england that’s actually going to be fun and help flesh out your holiday wardrobe?

5. i will be there. as will a selection of items that i adore but just don’t fit me right/are impossible to tailor. great hits like- that banana republic lace blouse that is too big for my small boobs. or, that pristine benneton wool blazer that needs to belong to someone who can pull off preppy (sadly, not me). and what about that j. crew silk skirt with POCKETS that a tailor would have to turn into frankenstein before it would fit me again? it will all be there and more!

so, in summation… it’s a great cause, will be super fun, and you’ll get amazing things with way less effort than at a traditional swap. AND if you buy your tickets by tomorrow, you’re entered to win 2 free tickets so you can bring some lady friends.

p.s. tix will also be available this weekend at flea-for-all, and possibly, if there are any left, at the door of the event on december 5th.




2 responses

9 12 2012

Allie, I’m looking at you and two Lauras this morning in the Sunday Telegram’s “Scene & Heard” column. You look FABULOUS. You are totally rocking that dress and necklace.

29 12 2012

thanks ev! sorry i’ve been so neglectful of your comment. i suck at blogging lately. it’s been a rough couple of months… that necklace was actually my favorite score from the event. what you don’t see in that photo is that my boobs fell out of that dress several times that night. i should know better than to go strapless!

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