Live Free or IKEA Hard (and some other boring shit about my life).

25 04 2014

koffininstructionWow, it’s super sad that the last time I updated this blog was a year ago when the last IKEA bus was ready to fly… I was writing for for a while, and then my life just kind of rolled out of my hands like a rogue ball of yarn and I spent the last year doing “other things.” I painted a house, I wrote some short plays, I painted some terrible self portraits, and I made a lot of pies. Oh, and I watched every single episode of House M.D. Two times. In my bed.  It was a weird year.

And, here I am. I want to start writing again. But, I also want to start jogging again, and obviously that’s gone really well [so fat].

I made a new blog header, and found some less lousy social media icons… I don’t know if I like them, but whatever. Point being, I’m considering a comeback. If one can consider going from single digit to double digit page views a comeback. Or if anyone even notices when a marginally successful blogger rises from the grave…

But, enough of my ellipses and the narcissistic pontifications.

What can I do for you?

I may not have been writing, or doing other blog stuff, but I am still rockin’ the IKEA Bus if you’re interested. Shit is going down on May 31st, and you can buy tickets right here. You can even get out of town delivery if you’re so inclined (and are willing to pay a small fee). You should come. There will be snacks.

Also, if you don’t need any particle board furniture, maybe you want new summer clothes? SwapMaine is up to its old tricks again with our spring swap coming right at your face on May 17th. Come fill up yo sack with all the skinny pants that I have to discard because they’re making me feel bad.





8 responses

26 04 2014
Bobbi Brewer

whooooaaaaa “don’t call it a comeback” – LL COOL J

I should maybe come this year for the ikea bus. definitely to Swap.

28 04 2014

Bonus points for LL Cool J quote. And yes, I would love to see you at either/both events. You will find me at the Swap looking for new fat pants.

28 04 2014
ra pa

Allie got all pissed off and said I insulted her service to IKEA when being an American, I stated the fact that she raised the prices every year, starting at $30, then $35 then $40 for a 2 hour ride to MA when I told her I realized and knew what it cost to rent a bus buy gas and have 40 to 50 people show and pay. Sounds like your guilty and that’s what ego’s do when they are….get mad!

28 04 2014
ra pa

People should express the truth without Allie getting mad… what Allie will you get even, too?

28 04 2014
ra pa

I’ll spend money for shipping for IKEA before I pay and ride with the angry likes of you

28 04 2014

Welcome back! Maybe *this* is the year I finally go on the IKEA bus.

28 04 2014

Thanks! I need a reason to get off my bunz and get writing again. And, the IKEA bus would love to have you 🙂

6 05 2014

Glad you are back blogging again.

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