this blog has come a long fucking way. started almost 3 years ago as a coupon blog and a ploy to get myself to save money and get out of debt so i could go to medical school… it’s basically none of those things anymore. it’s more about me- still youngish and definitely still brokeish, but pulling my focus off coupons and putting it on things like ham handed attempts at self improvement, starting over, taking people to ikea, and making bad decisions. also, fuck med school. i’m gonna be a writer instead. and if i can get away with it, they’ll pay me to go there. but seriously, i still need to get my shit out of debt (although i am closer than i used to be for sure).

i guess that’s mostly about my blog. a few things about me: my real name is allie munier (not bess marvin – i’m just a rabid nancy drew fan). i’m originally from our stunning state capitol of augusta, but i’ve been in the portland area since 1997. i’m a usm graduate (go huskies!). i’m 34 years old. oh, and i’ve finally lost most of the weight i put on when i got divorced 4 years ago. i should find a decent picture that’s more up to date.

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13 11 2009

You want my kids? I’ll sell them for you dirt cheap (cheaper if you have a coupon). By the way, I’m joking. I like your blog! Peace.

13 11 2009

thanks! someday i’m afraid that i’ll be wanting some kids of my own… and then i’ll wake up and have this kafkaesque moment where i realize that i’ve morphed into a mommyblogger. the horrors!

22 11 2009

I think we should have a “mommy blogger” (I hate that term by the way) vs. “non-mommy blogger” mudwrestling match. We’d make more money that way than if we AdSensed our blogs up.

24 11 2009

i accept the physical challenge! perhaps we can headline the next blogger conference? πŸ™‚

15 11 2009

Thank god I found you! I thought I was the only childless, under-30, non-bible-verse quoting person that did this stuff! Love your blog!

16 11 2009

i’m so glad YOU found ME! we are indeed rare birds. we should band together and rise up. it’s time that the mommy bloggers got a little competition at the cvs πŸ™‚

16 11 2009

agreed! I seriously laughed out loud reading your stuff today πŸ™‚

16 11 2009

thank you! that is a very amazing compliment. the website that makes me laugh uncontrollably is cakewrecks.com. if you haven’t ever been, i highly recommend it whenever you need a pick me up!

2 02 2010

This is great- I wish I were back in the 207 instead of the 802…

2 02 2010

i wish you were in 207 too! soon soon! i got your facebook email (sorry for the delay, facebook & i don’t get along that well). i’ll write soon. xoxox -a.

15 02 2010

Just stumbled onto your blog after readinng a piece in today’s PPH about it…as a 30-something year old (too close to 40 for my taste) who is neck high in debt but hates what’s out there as far as frugality blogs. I will add you to my list of frugal folks since like you said its not like we have Krogers here in Maine.

15 02 2010

thanks! i’m glad you found me, and that you share my bitterness for lack of kroger (i hear rumors that they have triple coupons!). i also recommend money saving maine-iac– she can work a shaw’s deal like no other.

16 02 2010
Michele Horne

I am glad I found you through my analytics- I am originally from Gardiner and love a good, local bargain. Your blog is hilarious… love it!

7 03 2010

Nice to finally find a blog about trying to save money and actually located in Maine. πŸ™‚ Really enjoy reading your blog.

8 03 2010

thanks! i checked yours out too. geocaching seems totally amazing, ande i’ve wondered about it for a long time. is there a very active community in maine? what’s inside the little boxes? what’s that walkie talkie thing? i have much to learn!

as for frugal maine blogs, my two favorites are the portland penny pincher, and money saving maine-iac. we are rare, but we do exist!

8 03 2010

Geocaching is a lot of fun. It helps you get outdoors and also fun searching for the cache too. Usually theres toys and trackable items in the boxes (caches) sometimes the actual cache can be tiny with only a paper log in it to sign or large like an ammo box. Its mostly geared towards kids but a lot of adults are into it. There is actually a big community in Maine. Besides geocaching.com there is http://www.geocachingmaine.org to learn more about the locals. One of the best things about geocaching is that besides the cost of the GPS, its free to play.

8 03 2010

that is so cool! and i could definitely use a reason or 10 to get outside and get active. i’m assuming that i can’t just use my garmin as GPS? what kind do you have? have you met other geocachers along the way? sorry to ask so many question, i’m just enthusiastic!

8 03 2010

You can use a GPS that you can enter waypoints into it, majority of them you can hook up to your computer to download them quicker than entering them in manually. What type of GPS do you have? I have a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx. Yes I know quite a few cachers now. We go to events that are held for local cachers to get together. I’ve run into a few out in the woods before. There are quite a few caches down in the Portland area. I will admit its a lot of fun.

9 03 2010

i have no idea what kind of GPS we have! it’s almost a miracle that i remember that it’s a garmin. but really just one of those square guys that you mount to your dashboard. i will definitely check out the maine geocaching website. who knows, maybe you see me out and about (probably horribly lost and confused)! πŸ™‚

29 04 2010
Renee Thompson

Hi! I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! I just got into blogging and I found yours today…so I had to leave you a comment and wave hi!

I am trying to learn how to be frugal too and I agree that I’m tired of the same ol coupon bloggers. But, I will say, I’m a Mom (3 boys) please don’t hate me! But I’m your age, or about, I’ll be 32 in July.

Maybe we could collaborate sometime! I just started my blog yesterday (well I do have 2 others, but one is strictly photography and the other is personal whatever crap) about all things Portland, ME. You can find me at http://portlanderretort.blogspot.com

Nice to meet you!! πŸ™‚

1 05 2010

thank you so much!! don’t worry, i don’t hate on the mommies at all! some of my very favorite blogs are written by kick ass mammas (coupon goddess & smother of one to name a couple). i’m just tired of the overarching anti-feminism, religious agendas, and annoying habit of calling everything a blessing that happens on what seems to be the majority of the coupon blogs out there. i guess i just feel like there needs to be an alternative. although my blog is much less coupon-y than it was in the beginning. anyway, i look forward to seeing what your blog has to offer!

13 05 2010
Nicole at Breaking Even

Ha! Exciting that you also read Almost Frugal, write about money, and live in Maine. Let me know if you are ever in Bar Harbor, I’d love to talk blogging and other fun stuff!

14 05 2010

that would be amazing! michelle speaks very highly of you. i’ll actually am planning on going up your way sometime this summer. i’ll be beta testing an acadia national park app for chimani, and i’m so excited. we should absolutely arrange a shop talk date.

20 05 2010

Indeed. Who puts a fat picture on their blog? That is priceless, girl. Love the hair. Wish I had the guts to go there. Nice writing πŸ™‚

25 05 2010

thanks! seriously, i’d love to see an infographic of female bloggers that compared their “about me” pic, with what they really look like. i’m sure it would be horrifying!

26 05 2010

Now THERE’s an idea for a post! Issue the dare and see who takes you up on it. Bet it gets “Freshly Pressed,” lol.

29 05 2010

i’ll play too! although i think the worst offenders would probably be the most offended if i asked them. and in my experience, open solicitations tend to be completely ignored. so how can we shame people into showing their real faces?

26 05 2010

P.S. I’ll play πŸ™‚

10 06 2010
Seth Jacobs

Awesome daily content that keeps me laughing. Thanks for doing this!
Seth Jacobs-www.sethjacobs.com

8 07 2010

What a fantastic blog! Loved the Marden’s ex-po-zay. And you’re hilarious!

11 07 2010

thank you so much! marden’s is amazing, and will more than likely be the subject of many posts to come.

2 08 2010
Donna Freedman

I’m a mom, but my daughter turns 32 in a couple of weeks. (Yowza.) So I guess I’m not a mommy blogger. Nor am I a frugal blogger, a midlife blogger, a social-justice blogger — but I’m some of all those things.
Here’s what I think: They say you should do at least one thing a day that scares you. Well, I say you should do at least one thing a day that scares somebody else.
Thanks for linking to my piece on student loans. If it’s any consolation to you, I had one year of college back in 1976 and then decided to go for an actual degree in my late 40s. Finished in December 2009, just after my 52nd birthday. I hope you can get back to school without being eaten alive by Sallie Mae et al.

3 08 2010

you’re very welcome! it was a great piece. i’m definitely hoping that i am able to head back to school soon without getting myself too deeply into debt. i only have about $20K in student loans right now from my undergrad, so i feel pretty lucky compared to most people my age who have $50K+

i poke a lot of fun at mommy bloggers, but i want it to be clear that i have have nothing but the utmost respect for mommies (of all ages). motherhood is a huge and important part of identity for many women- but it’s not the only part. it just makes me so sad to see women only finding self worth in their children or their husband. autonomy is important too!

14 09 2010
Erica @ Just Call Me Cheap

I blog and I’m a mom but my kids annoy the hell out of me a lot, my husband acts like my kids most of the time and driving a minivan was the last nail in my being a totally uncool person coffin.
When I get a great deal using coupons I don’t thank God for his blessings, I think “holy crap- that cashier actually did their job correctly!”
Love your blog!

20 09 2010

“uncool person coffin” may be the best thing ever said about minivans ever. i’ve actually been reading your blog for a while (hearts!), i’m just lousy at leaving comments. you are a brave brave woman to venture into worm composting. my hero!

1 10 2010

Hello!! I just have to say, I found you through Mel’s (aka Coupongoddess) blog. I’m trying to put as many NE blogs as I can in my favorites; especially when it comes to couponing.

Like you, hubby and I have not kids and HATE Hamburger Helper LOL. So we’ve been swimming around the coupon arena for a few years and are seeing it paying off!! But it is nice to get a perscpective similar to ours (no need for Huggies or baby food etc…).

Also, I have a student loan that we’re workng on. Man those things are brutal!!

I grew up in Aroostock county. Spent many years in Caribou, St. Francis and the Allegash.

Sorry to be so long winded. (I didn’t get much sleep last night and I tend to ramble when I don’t get a whole lot of sleep).

Glad to find your blog. I’ll be visiting!!


3 10 2010

i’m so glad you found me! some of my best friends are from the county, i wonder if you know any of them…? but yeah, hamburger helper is for suckers. i’m also a vegetarian, which makes things even more complicated. i wish there were more young and childless people out there who were drinking the coupon kool aid. all my friends think i’m a crazy person. we need to stick together!

5 10 2010

Hi Bess. Thanks for the warm welcome. Unfortunately, I have not been to Caribou in 10 years (we moved away in ’78 but would go back for visits). The only folks left that I knew up there were relatives but many of them have moved away. I still have some cousins up there but we’re not close. I used to take my Dad up every summer so we could go fishing up in the North Woods. Great memories!

As for couponing, I really find I do much better at drug stores than at the grocery store. That being said, I have improved on groceries, I’m just not up to the point of buying $100 worth food for $15. LOL. But I do manage to get freebies at the drug stores and I put those items in care packages for the troops overseas.

It’s great to meet you. I’ll be visiting a lot!


8 10 2010

nice to meet you too! for all the 33 years i’ve spent in maine, i’ve NEVER been to the county. how sad is that! like i said, some of my very best friends hail from the caribou area (as well as a few from fort kent and for fairfield). i really aught to go up for a visit someday… although it’s probably best to wait for the summer to come back around πŸ™‚

i’m so with you about the grocery store! i have yet to figure out how to buy $100 worth of food that i actually eat for $15 (i’ve even watched youtube videos about it, but can never quite seem to make it work!)… but every little bit helps for sure. like you, i get my bargain rush from the drugstores, and am glad to score a few free boxes of cereal every now and again.

5 04 2012
eric legacy

Umm… Hey Alli, nice ploy to ward off would-be internet stalkers. Im not buying that you gained 25 lbs. and so what if you did. I would love to meet a girl with hot pink hair,(are you bald too, is that a wig?) razor sharp wit that likes to tool around hitting flea markets! You steampunk too?
So maybe see you around town, you cant hide with that MO.
And Hey! I grew up in Winslow, Agusta was the big time, Yeeks.

Google me



15 04 2012

eric- thanks, and cheers to another central mainer! i googled you and didn’t come up with anything. i did gain 25 lbs, but i’ve taken a lot of it off since the divorce. the pink hair is sadly gone. i enjoy steampunk, but it’s not really my thing. please don’t actually stalk me.

11 06 2012
eric legacy

Yeah ,I really gots to pay that Arvixe bill and get my website back up. ( I make wicked cool art from goodwill finds and such) Sorry to hear that pink hair is out and weight loss is in again. I hardly remember sending you that last post and somehow found this page again. I wont be stalking you any time soon since my would be stalkees list is flowing over and you are getting pushed to the bottom. Personally steam punk dose not really do it for me either as I investigated it further its a bit too hodge podge for my liking. Best, Eric

18 12 2012

You sound like a menace. Have you learned how to drive yet? You belong on the road. As with many things, there are a lot of things they don’t teach you in driving school.

29 12 2012

i am a menace! and i’m supposed to learn to drive this summer. maybe. we’ll see πŸ™‚

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