liquidation sales suck cock.

31 07 2011

as you may have heard about town, borders is going out of business.

i don’t think anyone was surprised about it. it’s been on those “businesses about to go extinct” list for years with blockbuster and reader’s digest and all the other dinosaur brands. and so with the announcement of the closing, comes the immediate materialization of the telltale fluorescent signs flashing 40% off, and the kind of parking lot gridlock that makes a girl want to start slashing tires or throwing punches, or possibly both at the same time.

now the signs all say 40% OFF real big, but the fine print is always up to. opening weekend at borders, pretty much everything was a pitiful 10% off. yet for some reason, the line was out the fucking door.  10% off things that are full retail (and in some cases grossly inflated prices) is NOT A GOOD DEAL PEOPLE!  WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?

i’m not entirely sure what kind of crazy discount juju possesses people when it comes to liquidation sales, but although the signs are big and flashy, and EVERYTHING MUST GO…  a quick rule of thumb: if the store was still open and you saw 10% off sign, would you bother to buy something that you didn’t really need (and that you could likely get somewhere else for cheaper)? probably not. THEN BACK THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE BORDERS. EVERYTHING MUST NOT GO. (just try to dodge that crazy bitch slashing tires and throwing punches in the parking lot).

foolishly, i went back again today (with more promises of 40% off), and was doubly disappointed. 20% is still NOT 40%, and shit was pretty much cleaned out anyway. there were a lot of dvds on sale for 40% off, but it’s not exactly a bargain when the dvds in question are $20-$60 each. didn’t i just say that my cut off for new dvds was $3? again, i hit the bricks with nothing. Read the rest of this entry »

the financial walk of shame.

23 02 2011

every year, various outlets compile lists of companies that they think won’t last out the next year.  in a way it’s sort of interesting, but it’s also exceptionally depressing. whether a mark of the lousy economy, or just the evolution of popular technology (i mourn your impending death eastman kodak!), it’s kind of like watching the dinosaurs die out right in front of your eyes, and not be able to stop it.

last week, the borders company sent out this letter to their customers, letting them know that shit was going down (chapter 11), but that everything was still essentially “ok”. except that it’s not ok. with tons of stores closing all over america (our maine locations are safe for now!), it’s hard to have faith that a little reorganization (whatever that means) can fix what’s broken. the chapter 11 email of shame is almost always a last spasm before death.

but more than the sadness over the loss of yet another US business, i feel empathy for the man who had to write that letter. the first time i got laid off when i was 22, i had to call my mom and beg for money for food and rent. she actually turned me down (a story for another day), but that phone call was excruciating. admitting to your loved ones that you’ve gotten yourself into financial trouble is one of the most embarrassing and complicated situations that a person can be in. can you imagine having to make that call to an entire country?  having your financial missteps broadcast and analyzed by the wall street journal?

so with that, 2 questions:

1. what dinosaur store/brand/company will you be saddest to see die out?

2. have you ever had to do the financial walk of shame?

weekend pickthrough- now improved by hydrogenation!

9 10 2009

skippylast week i felt like i was at a loss to come up with anything good worth investigation over the weekend (other than the hungry hungry hippos of course), but this week there seem to be a lot more deals worth cruising & perusing.

1. target- $1 skippy via saving cents with sense.  supposedly on sale for $2(ish). print out the target coupon here, and if you’re wanting to load up, print out 2, and use the $1/2 skippy coupon from last week’s red plum, and get 2/$1.!

2. walmart- money making glade candles via nwadeals. if you were lucky enough to print out one of these babies before they disappeared, you’re in luck. otherwise, you can still use the $1/1 from last week’s smartsource to get one for $2. i’m not a big candle buff, but these actually smell really great. plus, they’re made with soy & paraffin instead of beeswax, which means that no bees were harmed in their making. *in researching that, i found this interesting discussion at the post punk kitchen on whether or not crayola crayons are vegan. the answer- maybe. you decide for yourself.

3. rite aid- money making lip balm. carmex moisture plus lip balm is on sale for $2.29 with a $2.29 SCR, and there’s a $1.50/1 coupon that you might still be able to get here, which will make you $1.50  richer at the end of the day.

4. possibly totally awesome book via money saving mom. the mommy bloggers are abuzz with news of the release of “the everyday coupon book”, on sale for various prices all over the internet. apparently you pay around $14, and you get $500 in “useful coupons”. no real word on how useful those coupons are, but i’m definitely intrigued. save for my sunday paper, i don’t believe in paying for coupons. but even if the coupons in this book turn out to be sucky, there’s “recipes, health and diet tips, and more“. more importantly, proceeds benefit susan g. komen for the cure, and donation to a worthy cause is one of my top 6 ways to stay classy.

5. borders! there’s a 40% any one book (in-store or online) printable on the website right now, good through this weekend. i generally buy books 2nd hand (remember my $.99 copy of middlemarch from last weekend?), but if you’re looking for something that is unlikely to turn up at the goodwill, or giving a book as a gift, this is a great way to save some $$$.

6. free magazine & coupons! many thanks to  madame deals for alerting us to the existence/launch of proctor & gamble rouge magazine. i love getting mail, especially if said mail is bearing coupons. make-up tips and whatever are ok too. sign up, it’s free!

7. whole paycheck! (at least that’s what we call whole foods in these parts.) if you’re a food snob, vegan/vegetarian, organic fiend, or what-have-you, baton rouge mommy has compiled a lovely list of the bargains worth seeking at whole foods this week. maybe you can even keep part of your paycheck.