worth the trip- full cosmetic takedown.

5 10 2010

so i’d never even heard of ulta before i drove by the mall a few days ago and saw that one had sprung up in the gaping void left by vinny ts (ok, maybe gaping void is a little dramatic- did ANYBODY go to that restaurant?). now generally, i would not entirely give a shit about a giant box store peddling makeup (sorry sephora, i’m just a low maintenance kind of girl), but they seduced me in with a $5 off $10 coupon in my sunday paper. i also did a little research and found out that in addition to their own lines and the high end lines they carry, they also carry all the drugstore brands, AND they take manufacturers coupons. SCORE! their flier showed a host of buy one get one 50% off deals on the drugstore brands, and i rounded up my very best coupons and headed over to see what i could do:

2 neutrogena blushes at $5.99 each with the BOGO50% sale, a $3/1 coupon (from all you) and a $2/1 coupon from this weekend’s paper= $3.99

2 NYC color nail polishes for $1.99 each with BOGO50% sale and a BOGO coupon from all you (seriously, if you don’t get all you, you’re doing yourself a profound coupon disservice)= $.99

2 cover girl eye shadows at $3.29 each with the BOGO50% sale, and 2 $1/1 coupons from the P&G brandsaver= $2.94

total= $7.92 minus the $5/$10 coupon from the paper= $2.92! i got all of the above makeup for less than $3! AND for joining their rewards club (totally free and painless to join), they gave me a sack of free goodies including a full size nail polish and eye shadow, scented body cream, and some fancy hair serum.  oh, and a 20% off coupon for next time. SUPER SCORE. also, the staff was super friendly and extremely patient with my crazy coupon ladyness. i’m hoarding this makeup for a secret project (details soon), so especially if they keep the coupon love flowing, i will definitely be going back again.

shaw’s- ok, i have never been a big fan of the “can-tastic savings” event, and this week was not particularly different. the only thing i deemed worth grabbing was the $.88 progresso soup. i had a $.50/2 coupon (doubled of course) from a coupon book i got in the mail, and considering they’re usually around $2 a piece, i thought that $.38 each was a good deal.

target sadly, all the clearanced all natural fruit roll ups & herbal essences 2 packs were already gone (who are you target shelf cleaner? reveal yourself!), but they did have a good deal on hunts diced tomatoes at $.82 a can (screw you can-tastic savings) and i had a $1/3 coupon. $.48 a can seems pretty good, especially because chili season is upon us. they also had the deluxe velveeta mac & cheese (i’m obsessed with mexi-mac) for $1.52, which is pretty much as low as i’ve seen it anywhere (including walmart). there was a good $1/2 coupon in the paper last week (i think!), so $1 a box for me at least, seemed like a score. although again, nothing amazing.

rite aid- the free crest toothpaste and nivea lip care are definitely on the top of my list, but that schick coupon they’re all talking about on the deal websites doesn’t exist up here (kind of like the revlon coupons that never show up in the maine papers). also, i’m gonna pass on the incontinence pads. otherwise, meh. decent deal on frosted flakes ($1.60 per box when you buy 5), and cottonelle 12 packs are only $3.99 after +UP (the only coupons i could find were $.50/2), which is a pretty good price for toilet paper (especially if you’ve ever paid $1 or more for a “desperation roll” at a gas station).

cvs- roughly as much excitement going on at the cvs, but there is a good $.99 revlon nailpolish deal (after ECBs- limit 6!), which would be free if you had any revlon coupons floating around. i didn’t, but i got it anyway because i didn’t want to waste the $4/$20 that the emailed me this weekend. however, the big deal to look out for is lurking in the magic coupon machine. $5 off all halloween decorations and costumes with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE! i bought a pair of striped tights and some purple hairspray for  $.99.  the big bummer was really getting the coupon (it’s a “one day only”) in a store that had kind of a minimal halloween section.

big lots- there is a 4/$10 movie deal goin on at the big lots right now on all regularly $3 movies. i couldn’t find 4 that i liked (my local store didn’t have deep blue sea as advertised- FAIL!), but i did find a copy of rocket science, which is a great movie starring portland’s very own oscar nominee, anna kendrick.  anyway, even though i didn’t buy 4 movies, it still came up as $2.50. they’ve got some decent horror, and the usual sub “straight to DVD” quality (heartbeeps anyone?), but if you like to dig through big bins of crap- there are occasionally some gems in there.

if only they would stop using the word “cantastic”.

4 01 2010

i feel like i’ve been out of the grocery store loop for a while since i’ve been so busy. essentially, i’ve been completely ignoring the weekly flier deals, just shopping wherever is convenient, and using whatever coupons happen to be within close reach. not a great plan for a tight budget…

but 2010, that’s another story. i’ve entrenched myself in baking day(s), and my freezer is full (or it will be tonight). now is the time for me to start scanning my weekly ads for miracles, and quietly stockpiling for future baking days of doom.

this week at shaws this week, the biggest deal going down is the proctor & gamble $10 catalina (toward your next purchase) when you buy $25 worth of participating products. mavin of savin has a really thorough run down of the whole mess (including lots of scenarios), and apparently there are products not listed on the flier that are part of the deal. woot!

i haven’t quite worked out my own situation yet, but my yet untouched  home made simple coupon book and the last p&g brandsaver will definitely be coming in handy. mr clean magic erasers, here i come!

they are also running their stupidly named “cantastic savings” promotion again this week. basically, certain stuff in cans is cheap. pretty straightforward. considering i used like 4 cans of corn yesterday, i’m eying this special with more interest that usual. some possibilities:

goya canned black beans @ $.59 each.  i’ve been meaning to make some quinoa & black bean salad- now is the time! if i want to buy 6, there’s a $1.25/6 coupon from the 11/8 red plum- that’s $.38 cents a can!

progresso bread crumbs @ $.99. $1/2 on any progresso product= $.50 each.

hunts tomato sauce @ $.69. $1/3 hunts products= $.36 each!

ace of diamonds mandarin oranges @ $.69.

no grand coupon-match ups, but fairly priced. is it just me or, did you notice that the entire bottom row is $.69? do they have a 14 year old working in their layout department or something (or am i the 14 year old for even noticing)!?

some other good lookin deals:

thomas english muffins- buy one get TWO free. no coupon, but yow (assuming that the package that you have to buy doesn’t cost like $17)!

morningstar farms @ $3.49 with a $1/1 coupon= decent deal.

$.99 mangoes!

lightlife smart deli slices @ $2.29. veg stuff in general is usually way expensive, and this is an excellent deal. an even excellenter deal if you have a coupons (which i don’t, but there are a few out there).

post cereals @ $1.5o when you buy 4. apparently there were some pretty decent coupons for post in the 12/6 smartsource. too bad i either lost them or maine didn’t get them. balls!

p.s. yes, that is an octopus made out of canned goods.