12 02 2011

took a day off of work today, which i never do. slept all day and still exhausted. sent the boyfriend to the cvs to pick up the kind of cold medicine where they don’t put the boxes on the shelf- only pictures of the boxes. don’t they know i’m too sick right now to try and make meth?

anyway, after a day of shaking and drooling on my couch, i had promised a dear friend i would host an engagement party for her. which actually turned out really amazing… except for the part where it’s 2 am now, i’m like 3 mimosas in the bag (vitamin c!), and i have to do a polar dip in like 9 hours. oh, and i still kinda feel like death. fuck.

but i’m trying to write SOMETHING every day. although maybe i should just get my own yelling bird to fill in when i’m a wreck (which lately is often).