cleaning house.

28 12 2009

so yesterday was my last trip to the grocery store for 2009, and it was time to clean out a few more expiring coupons that i didn’t want to lose.  unfortunately the super-cheap morningstar farms deal at target didn’t pan out. my master plan was to stock up on chix patties & fake hamburger crumbles using the $2/2 coupon from the target website, and the $.75/1 coupons from the tearpad i scored months ago (ultimately getting them for like $1.50 per box)… unfortunately, all the crumbles were gone at my local target- and all i managed to get were 2 boxes of chix nuggets… boo-urns.

it’s tough to make the decision to go crazy on a deal that isn’t totally amazing, but i decided that since i needed to stock up for baking day- and because i wasn’t guaranteed any more morningstar coupons anytime soon (they are stingy with them!), that i would just go apeshit and buy 14 packages (the boyfriend and i each bought 7) @ the walmart where they generally sell for $3.39 each (which is the best price in town). $2.64 a package isn’t earth shatteringly amazing (although they’re almost $5 at shaws!)… but it is a good solid price- and i have more than enough to last me the next two months or so. i made the same concession on the kashi go lean honey almond flax cereal that i love. i had 2 $1.50/1 vocalpoint coupons left, and i was able to get 2 boxes at $1.78 each.  kind of meh, but i would rather get an ok deal now, instead of tossing my coupons to the wind and hoping something better comes down the pipeline. the good news is that food is transient. if the ultimate deal should come down the road- there is still room in my freezer to accommodate.

p.s. that big block of ice in tupperware in my freezer contains my credit cards. that way, i have to take the time to thaw them out (and think about it), if i really want to use them.

less than zero.

27 12 2009

i’m doing a combination post for rite aid and cvs this week, because they both have fuck all to offer. i guess i’m not the only one who has an xmas hangover. maybe they’re just saving the big guns for the new year? i have my doubts. although i am pretty excited about the rite aid “game of life” promotion that is rumored to be on the way in 2010. but for now…

rite aid is utterly dismal:

kotex products: $2.99 with a $2 SCR & $1/1 coupon that i have from a source i don’t remember= FREE

crest toothbrushes & oral b toothbrushes: $2.49 with $1 SCR & $1/1 coupons from the 12/27 p&g brandsaver= $.49

8-pack rite aid alkaline batteries: $3 with $2/1 coupon that i got for registering for = $1

*if you’re wondering why i glossed over the soy joy & oral b power toothbrush deals, it’s because i think that power toothbrushes are stupid, and soy joy bars give me intestinal issues (i know, gross).

cvs is looking moderately better than rite aid, but still not great:

colgate total toothpaste: $2.99 with $2 in ECB & a $1/1 coupon from the january all you= FREE

ivory soap 3-pack: $.99 with $1/1 multipack from the 12/27 p&g brandsaver= FREE

if i were to mystically get another $/$$ coupon via email or from the magic machine, i might also consider the following:

old spice or secret deodorant: 2/$4 with $1 back in ECB and a $1/2 old spice coupon  from the 12/27 p&g brandsaver= $1 each

pantene or gilette haircare: 2/$7 with $2 in ECB and $3.00 in coupons from vocalpoint that i never used *shame*= $1 each

dawn dish detergent: $.99 with a $.20/1 coupon from that omnipresent p&g brandsaver from 12/27= $.79

i know, unimpressive.

a goddamn xmas miracle

23 12 2009

oh cvs you little minx. today was almost a disaster, another craigslist missed connection in the making. in assessing my coupon situation, i realized that i didn’t actually have a $1/1 oral b toothbrush coupon. then i got to cvs, and i realized that all the thermacare patches were long gone. since mouthwash, body wash, and floss are all sort of marginally donate-able items, and i never really wanted the lipstick… i figured i would have to let my $5/$30 go to waste and head home empty handed…

but then i saw it! smack in the middle of my local congress street ghetto cvs- A COUPON MACHINE!! i’d only ever seen them out of state, or at the rare newly built cvs. i thought that all the old stores were just shit out of luck. BUT I WAS WRONG!!! there it was, a gleaming red obelisk of perfection, sandwiched in between the sugar free candy and the hearing aid batteries. LOVE!

i decided to swipe my card before heading home- and lo and behold- $5/$15!!! holy crap- the holy grail of $/$$s!! with the mouthwash, the floss, the body wash, and a NYC lip gloss that i picked up with a $1/1 coupon from last month’s all you- my total came to $6.40 with $10 back in ECB. i paid for it with the remainer of a $25 prescription transfer gift card, so the OOP didn’t hurt at all. finally, i feel like i’m back in the game!

thanks santa. (or whoever was responsible for this xmas miracle).

meet me under the mistletoe.

21 12 2009

you heard me cvs. i think it’s time we give this relationship another try. first you sent me a coupon for free chap block… and then (just when i was feeling the hurt the worst from that $14.99 in expired ECBs), you pull through with the best week of freebies and ECB deals i’ve seen in a long long time. thanks for coming back cvs. let’s make 2010 our year. ❤

revlon super lustrous or moon drops: $6.99 with $5 back in ECBs. for some vile reason, maine doesn’t get revlon coupons, but i am a sucker for lip stuff…. so this is a distinct possibility.

listerine antiseptic mouthwash: $3.99 with $3 in ECBs plus the $1/1 coupon from the 12/5 redplum makes it free! apparently if you got the flu coupon book from a ways back, there’s a $1/1 in there that you can stack to make yourself a little extra $, but i’m a jerk and didn’t get it.

nivea body wash:  $5.99 + $5 in ECBs. get this hot  hot $2 printable , and make $1 doing it.

thermacare trial pack: i’ve always wanted to try these (would have come in helpful last week with my searing sewing related neck pain). hey, @ $2.49 with $2.49 back in ECB, i can save them for next time.

oral b single manual toothbrush:  $2.99 with $2 back in ECBs wrapped up in the $1/1 from the 11/29 P&G brandsaver makes free!

crest or oral b pro-health toothpaste, rinse, or floss:  $2.88 with $2 back in ECBs + $1/1 from the 11/29 P&G brandsaver makes you $.22 yo.

my master plot is to get 3 thermacare & 1 of everything else, and use the totally sweet $5/$30 that cvs just emailed me (woot!) and make out with $24ish in ECBs after about $20 OOP. not a bad way to get back into the game.

the fossil record.

20 12 2009

i actually found coupons going back to october! how scary is that? it makes me a little sad to think of all the amazing deals i let pass me by over the last two months, but what i’ve learned in this experience is that they always come back around. turning away from the discard bin, and looking forward to kick ass deals in 2010!

phoning it in.

24 11 2009

since i’ve been phoning it in a bit lately as i am swallowed by the sequin covered monster lurking in my apartment, it’s only fair that rite aid should be doing the same.  i like to think that rite aid knows my movements… senses my needs and wants, and delivers the goods when i’m ready for them.  knowing that i don’t have the energy this week, rite aid was pretty low key- with a few easy deals i can handle on my lunch break:

1. first and foremost, my beloved omeprazole (42 count box)  is on sale for $14.99 with a $3 in-ad coupon for $11.99. which is a really good deal. if i buy 2- can i used 2 in-ad coupons in one transaction? i was thinking about rolling them up with the $5/$25 i picked up here. or here.

2. secondly, there’s a sweet $2/1 in-ad coupon for neutrogena skin & body care. that’s pretty good anyway, but i also have a $2/1 coupon from the december all you.  $4 off something is bound to be cheap or free, plus, it’s pretty good stuff.

3. lastly, i’m always wanting to load up on cheap toilet paper. angel soft is passable in a pinch (although charmin is still my #1 preferred brand), and it’s $.99 for a 4-pack of double rolls. i’ve paid more for single rolls of gas station TP in emergency situations! if you held onto your $1/2 from the 9/13 redplum.. that’s 8 double rolls for $1!

a brief aside on the subject of toilet paper… is it completely wrong (usually if i have to ask, it totally is), that in darker days i have gone into the public bathrooms of businesses that i don’t like (mcdonald’s deserves to be punished for spraying their french fries with BEEF TALLOW!!!!) and stuffed a loose roll or two into my giant purse? technically, i know that stealing is wrong… but for a girl (or a guy) in a rough spot- this still sort of seems ok to me.

karmic balance.

19 11 2009

on the heels of my amazing rain-soaked rite aid adventure on saturday, i was flying high this week with what i thought would be an incredible take-down at the rite aid, and an easy extrabuck flip at cvs. apparently, sending that snarky email to the kinkos guy who screwed up my order must have thrown my karmic balance out of whack. or maybe things just can’t always be perfect all the time…

but rite aid was an ultimate clusterfuck. what was supposed to be so simple (coupons in order in a neat stack and ready to rock), turned ugly when my olay coupons (that i had used before at a rite aid in the exact same fashion!) went tits up.

kotex tampons for $2.99 with $2.00 SCR & $1/1 coupon from here. FINE

two 12 packs of quilted northern ultra something or other for $5.99 each with that $5/2 video values coupon, and even though they were for “soft and strong”, these two northern coupons went through JUST FINE.

crest with scope for $2.69 with $1/1 coupon from the 11/1 p&g brandsaver + double dip rebates (118 & 121) for a total of $3.69… FINE.

but then i got greedy. i wanted to use my $5/$25 (from redplum online a week or so ago), and those sweet olay quench coupons (bogo & $3/1) that i got in this month’s marie claire. with olay on buy one get one 50% off… i figured i could get $14ish worth of lotion for a mere $.74.  but it was a mess. first neither of the olay coupons would go through (even though the product was CLEARLY pictured on the coupon). then, they took the bogo one off manually… except he took off the $3.74 50% off one, instead of the full price one. is that some sort of rule that i don’t know about? anyway, then the $3 off coupon wouldn’t go through and they couldn’t even put it in manually… i had been holding up the line for a good 15 minutes. i told the adorable (too cute for rite aid) clerk that i owed him a fruit basket. he told me that i should get fruit baskets for the people in line behind me. *ouch*

in the end, what could have been a very simple and lovely  $8.66 OOP with $5.69 back in SCR, turned into $12.35 OOP instead. after SCRs, do you know how much i spent? EXACTLY $6.66. MY TRANSACTION IS POSSESSED BY THE DEVIL!! i may attempt an exorcism by bringing back the lotion. i’m sure that will be a mess too… i may also try to suck it up and take it as a lesson learned.

to make my deal suckage complete, it turns out that i got the advil deal at CVS wrong this week. in my head, i flip my $6.99 of expiring ECBs by buying one 100 count advil @ $7.49  and getting $4 ECB in return. turns out i had to buy TWO to get the deal. i got some useless CRTs for metamucil and crap (pun intended), no extrabucks, and i just don’t need another 100 advil expiring quietly in my medicine cabinet. boo-urns.


15 11 2009

cvs-pharmacyi’m sure you’re not tired of this yet or anything, but cvs has a big nothing this week yet again. and of course, i have $6.99 in ECBs expiring on the 17th. fuck.

there actually is one decent deal on advil- which is something that i use regularly (generic ibuprofen tastes like bad fake banana candy), and will definitely be buying. 100 ct. for $7.49 with $4 in ECBs. i also hear tell from my boyfriend hot coupon world, that there will be a $2/1 coupon in tomorrow’s paper. that’s a very minimal $1.49 at the end of the day.

also, the 24 oz. whitman’s sampler is on bogo- for $19.99 with $5 back in ECBs. i’m trying hard not to be fat right now, so i probably won’t get this- but that doesn’t make it any less of a good deal. i’m thinking whitman’s sampler challenge?

maine doesn’t get revlon coupons for some insane reason, but if you can lay your hands on some, and you’re the makeup type… the $7 ECB when you buy $15 isn’t such a bad deal.

but seriously, that’s all i got. if you want to see someone examine every single deal from the cold sore meds down to the dreaded snuggie, you can go herehere or even here… but you probably don’t need to waste your time.

catalina complications.

11 11 2009

DSCN2203so i was so excited about my shaws trip this weekend (not quite as excited as the coupon goddess, but still very excited)! i had it all mapped out perfectly… i had a goddamn spreadsheet! everything hinged upon the $15 off $30 (via catalina) deal on the back of the flyer. i would buy $30 worth of participating products, use about $10 in coupons, and get $15 back with which to buy all the stuff i wanted that wasn’t on sale. very simple… or so i thought!

i know it’s risky, but i always go to the supermarket late at night and use the self check-out. it’s my pathological fear of holding up the line with my multiple transactions and fistfuls of coupons. so there i was at 8 pm on sunday, spreadsheet in hand. i chose my items EXTREMELY CAREFULLY making sure that each item came from a shelf with the appropriate tag indicating the catalina deal. i try to be good- i swear!

but the register meant disaster. i scanned everything in- $32 worth of participating products… $10 worth of coupons, and no catalina. the printer made a noise like it was trying to spit something out, but it never spat. usually when a deal doesn’t work out, i step away and let it go… but this was $15! i approached the store manager and tried to explain the situation:

me: i bought $30 worth of participating products, and was supposed to receive a $15 catalina- but it didn’t print out. can you help?

manager: (looking at my receipt showing $22 after coupons) um, you didn’t spend $30.

me: i’m pretty sure the deal is price before coupons.

manager: um, give me your receipt.

DSCN2206the manager then goes back to her managerial podium and proceeds to check all of my items one by one, occasionally yelling out that something doesn’t count toward the deal- only to have me walk over and point out that it does. eventually, she concedes that i have met the terms of the deal- but has no way of printing out my catalina. she gives me $15 cash. crap! the value of the catalina over the $$ is that it forces me to spend it on groceries. instead, i pocketed the cash, paid for the rest of my groceries with my debit card, and then later spent the cash on crap that i wouldn’t have otherwise bought if i hadn’t been carrying cash. fuck.

to make things even crappier, on my 2nd transaction, my pizza catalina beeped *need manager approval*, and a different shaw’s manager informed me that i could not double up catalinas with manufacturers coupons. double fuck. when did that happen? can someone verify to me whether or not that’s true? the self check-out certainly seemed to think it was. can i get a boo-urns?

wise up.

8 11 2009

cvs failcvs. i feel like we’ve talked about this several times already, but i haven’t seen much of a change from you. you used to know what i liked, and made sure that my needs were taken care of every week… but another week goes by, and it just seems like you’re not trying!  christmas candy? disgraceful knock-off electronics? thankfully, you threw me a couple of tiny crumbs… otherwise you’d really be dead to me:

1. i missed this deal last week at shaw’s, and was a little bummed. arm & hammer laundry soap (my brand!) is on bogo this week. not sure how much it costs, but i do have a couple of $1/2  from the 10/11 smartsource that could come in handy.

2. cvs brand omeprazole @ $17.99 (need to nurse that glass stomach). buy a 28-pack- get a 14- pack for free. not really an amazing deal, but a girl needs to stock up.

3. crest pro health is on sale 2/$6.98 with $4 extrabucks right back at you. if you happened to get 2 p&g bransavers last week, use 2 $1/1 crest coupons and get 2 for $.98. passable if you use this $5/$20, or the slightly less cool $5/$30

4. and i might also get that totally adorable cvs toy truck for $1.50. toys are fun.