the siren call.

14 01 2010

no secret that i haven’t been giving the love up to cvs lately. it’s the fucking mult-pack madness. they’ll devote whole pages to “over $100 in extrabucks”, but it will all be for multipacks of things that aren’t a good deal- even after ECBs.  i can get $2 a box granola bars any old day. if i wait for a shaws deal- i can probably get them a lot cheaper. color me NOT IMPRESSED. and despite the incredibly lengthy list of ECB deals this week, there are NO FREEBIES (nary a blood sugar monitor!)- and nothing is even close to cheap enough for me to bother hauling my fat ass half a mile in the 5 degree weather (yeah, it’s real cold right now).

so what does cvs do to make it up to me? well, they send me free money.  a mere two days ago, i was asked to do yet another survey for the CVS advisor panel. woot! this time the survey took all of 2 minutes, and i got another $5 free ECBs for my trouble. the disclaimer says that you get about 2 offers a year, and this is my 2nd in the last 3 months. a trend? or are they blowing their load on me early, only to ignore me for the rest of the year? whatevs, i got $5 worth of effortless ECBs to line my pockets right now.

to bring it all home, CVS decided to reiterate their love for me with a $4/$20 coupon in my email this morning (which i find to be the most useful of the regular $/$$s). it doesn’t expire until monday, so i’m hoping to find something happening this weekend that tickles my fancy. although i’ve already checked out the preview (which sometimes differs from my local flier),  and nothin doin.

i am however strongly considering the crave-nx diet spray that is apparently for free this month. it’s probably gross and awful, and will probably give me tongue rot or oozing mouth sores… but skinny jeans are cruelly still in style, and i need some help!