picking up the pieces.

26 12 2009

ah, the post xmas hangover. i slept for 12 hours after a full 24 hours of merriment. hey, putting a convincing “i love it” face on (even when it’s clearly a crocheted sweater vest that smells like an ashtray) is exceptionally taxing. that said, xmas overall was mostly a success:

– everyone seemed to like their presents

– save for the aforementioned sweater vest, i got pretty good stuff (the boyfriend got me THE BAG that i’ve been dancing around for over a year now)

– i got a chance to do some cooking (my first fruit salad, and two ugly but delicious quiches)

– i watched 3 of my favorite xmas movies in a row while eating candy (elf, scrooged, & love actually)

– the boyfriend and i got cocoa and checked out the local xmas light displays (city of portland- A+ as usual. residents of portland D at best- weak!)

– and of course (first and foremost really)- i got to spend some pretty fun quality time with my my family (both in person and via telephone).

in short, it was good. but now what? cut off by tradition from consumer consumption for a full 24 hours- now that i’ve awaken from my holiday coma, what do i do?  um, clearly the answer is- I SHOP!

post holiday sales are just warming up, and it’s time to get back into the world for a first taste. as far as things like clothes, electronics, whatever… i generally like to wait until the “prices are still high because people are using their gift cards” period is over. however, i am one of those crazies who stocks up on discount wrapping paper. seriously, i can’t remember the last time i paid retail for xmas paper. if it’s not at least 50% off- then i don’t want it.  also on my list is stocking up on cheap cheap morningstar farms goods at target. they have a printable $2/2 right now AND i still have about 12 of those $.75/1s from the great tearpad incident of 2009. that shit’s expensive, so i’m going house.

other than that, i’ll probably stop by old navy. their wrapping paper is always pretty good, and i heard tell this morning via email that they’re having a $15 jeans sale, and i can get behind that.  i also plan on doing some internet shopping tonight, and picking up some sweet modern ornaments at cb2 and urban outfitters (bummer that the alessi nativity scene that i covet never goes on sale!)…. other than that, i’ll see where the day takes me. details to follow.