a momentous occasion.

11 03 2010

maybe momentous isn’t the right word… but today brings a small amount of warm fuzziness to me today, because the highest of my high interest credit cards has finally dipped below the 5 figure mark. not actually that impressive, as it has been 5 months since i placed my debt up on display for public ogling and judgement… and it was at $10,640.29 when i started. but for me, this is a semi-major achievement. i’ve had the card since i was in my early twenties, and i haven’t seen it at a 4 figure balance for YEARS. mostly i would just pay a little… then buy a little. and so on. i’m sure they love me down at the credit card company. me and my 20% interest rate.

but this time, i’ve been plunking down my slightly higher than the minimum payment for 5 months, and that little bitch remains frozen solid in my freezer. and according to my favorite financial advice/calculator site, even if i can never pay any more, even if i never do anything different than exactly what i’m doing right now… in 4 years, it will all be over. 10 years worth of damage completely gone in 4 years. and if i can up my payment by $100 a month, it’ll be gone in 2.7 years. now wouldn’t that be a little miracle?