stay gold.

21 01 2010

i feel as if i’ve been neglecting my duties as a deal seeker lately, so i thought i would make an effort to get my ass to the rite aid an see if i could work a little magic. what i came out with wasn’t exactly miraculous, but hands down the easiest multiple coupon transaction i’ve had in a long long time. not one single beep, not one scrutinized line of fine print, not a single discount put in manually. i’m misting up just thinking about it.

2 pantene @ 2 for $6 with a $3/2 coupon from 3/2 coupon from the 12/27 p&g brandsaver= $1.50 each

1 crest with scope outlastĀ  for $2.99 with a $1.25 SCR & a $1/1 coupon from the 12/27 p&g brandsaver= $.74

1 36 count tampax pearl @ $6.99 with a $2/1 coupon i received with a free sample & $2 SCR= $2.99

1 18 count tampax pearl @ $5.29 with a bogo coupon from the 12/27 p&g brandsaver when you buy a 36 count box= free

i couldn’t find the wet ones anywhere!! somebody must have cleaned them out. instead, i got the scott naturals moist flushable wipes @ 2 for $3 with 2 $.50/1 coupons i printed from $2. although it looks like there’s a printable $1/1 coupon you can get here, to make it even sweeter.

oh, and i also picked up a couponless pack of trident to fill in the gaps, so i could use the $5/$25 i got from here.

total oop= $8.27, with $3.25 back in SCRs= $5.02. plus, i’m thisclose to qualifying for the $5 “grab the gold” rebate. although we all know that i’m headed for the $35 back on $100. i’t gonna happen.

*8 more “game of life” pieces, and still jack squat. has anyone won anything yet?

i try it!- the game of life.

4 01 2010

it’s happened! the game of life is finally here! i love sweepstakey crap, so i am all over this shit. actually, it reminds me a lot of the mcdonald’s monopoly game that i used to love (before i became a vegetarian and i found out that they spray their french fries with beef tallow– bummer).

it’s really very basic. every time you go to rite aid, you get these game pieces which you stick on the game board (get that from your checkout person if you don’t have one yet) to complete little pictures of products that apparently have nothing to do with the prize that you win. simple! also with your prize collection stickers, you get coupons or instant win prizes. i got a $.25/1of planters nuts coupon and an instant win for 2 more game pieces. woot! i also got both pieces of the cruise ship which apparently entitles me to enter into a drawing for a carnival cruise. the caveat: i actually have to stick my pieces to an index card and mail them in. what is this, 1948? i’ll do it (for science), but just for the record, i think it’s totally stupid.

i’ll be planning out my rite aid deals tonight so i can score some more game pieces tomorrow. so far i’m pretty excited, but i still have a host of unanswered questions:

1. will the checkers at my sketchy rite-aid remember to check the receipt and give me the appropriate amount of game pieces? (that seems like a weird choice to me )

2. will it be awkward for me to ask for them?

3. how long until they run out of pieces?

only time will tell. more to report tomorrow after my lunch break.