the rite stuff.

20 12 2009

wow. rite aiding is hard sometimes. i think over the past month or so i was only remembering the sexy parts of deal mongering, not so much the part where (despite the fact that her nametag says “shift manager”) the checkout lady admits that she’s only been there for 6 days, and needs to call the manager over for every single one of your 5 coupons while the line piles up behind you… but it’s over now. i can’t say it was the grand success that i had planned (after all, the prell was long cleaned out after i got there), but passable for a bumpy re-entry for sure.

store #1 (topsham rite aid with trainee cashier)

1 42 count box of omeprazole: $19.99  minus a $5/1 in-ad coupon= $14.99
1 chapstick fresh effects: $2.99 with $2.99 SCR= 0
1 la looks gel: $.99 with $1/1 coupon= $.01 profit
2 nivea lip care: $2.99 each with a bogo coupon and a $2 SCR= 2 for $.99
sadly now expired $5/$25

TOTAL: after SCRs & coupons= $10.97

trip #2 (my neighborhood rite aid in portland)

1 42 count box of omeprazole: $19.99  minus a $5/1 in-ad coupon= $14.99
1 la looks gel: $.99 with $1/1 coupon= $.01 profit
1 scotch tape pop up hand dispenser (in hot pink!): $3.29 with $3.29 SCR
1 small container goldfish crackers (i was having soup for dinner): $.99
again, the now expired $5/$25

TOTAL: after SCRs & coupons= $10.97


not to mention the fact that this will put me over the edge on my “holiday gift of savings“, which gets me another $20 rebate. woot!

p.s. apparently there is a rite aid rewards card that i didn’t know about! what? apparently i get 10% off all rite aid brand products (that aren’t on sale), and 20% on the first tuesday of every month. not actually that exciting, but i’ll take whatever i can get.

p.p.s. according to my online research, this program has been in “test mode” for years and is not available in all markets. also, there does not appear to be any sort of set-in-stone policy regarding what the discount actually is (not even mentioned on their website). weird right? anybody else have one of these and know how it works?

*UPDATE* damn it, i was supposed to buy 2 of the scotch tape guys to get the rebate. balls!

into the fold.

17 12 2009

show opens tonight, and i have to say that dress rehearsal wasn’t as grisly as i had imagined. i still can’t say that it is my proudest work, but i deem it acceptable for human consumption. (except for the mother ginger apparatus [which i didn’t make], which is a hot hot mess).  the good news is that there’s a lot of hot girls and boys getting mostly naked, AND they allow booze in the theater. and isn’t that the true meaning of xmas after all?

anyway, it’s done. last night was my last 2-hours of sleep night, hopefully for a while. now, onto my weekend catch up for bargain hunting:

1. i will re-organize my woefully out of date coupons and figure out which ones i need to use before the new year (morningstar tearpad !!) and which ones i can let go. so much left behind…

2. rite aid run! i will go to rite aid and try to work a deal that will get me closer to my $100 gift of savings goal. check me out.

3. cvs gave me a present! free chap block, or free hand cream. i like to think it’s their way of welcoming me back to the land of the living (and deal-seeking).

4. i will actually go grocery shopping. and plan meals, instead of just frozen pizzas and take-out.

5. i will go to my favorite thrift shop in sabattus and find some kick ass deals. nothing but a single nancy drew, but it was still nice to get out.

6. sleep. i will finally get some sleep. (2 12 hour night so far!)


16 12 2009

sorry once again for the long absence. i got sucked into the costume hole, and am still having a hard time climbing out. i’m physically and mentally exhausted, and i’m still not even remotely happy with the end product.  actually it sucks, hard. but what’s a girl to do?

i try to make myself better by realizing that i learned something throughout this incredibly arduous process. lots of things actually:

1. just because you try really hard, doesn’t mean that what you do/make will always come out right. nobody succeeds at everything. remember that time i made cookies with confectioners sugar instead of flour, because for some reason it was in a container marked flour and somehow i managed not to taste the dough before they got put in the oven and melted all over everything? what’s that about the best laid plans?

2. there will always be some small successes, even in the most colossal of failures. a few costumes did come out well. a very few, but absolutely more than none.

3. embarrassment fades with time. remember that time that i asked that boy out on a date and he shut me down and then i got wasted on sea breezes and threw up all over my best friend’s bathroom rug? well, we can joke about it now, and we will be able to joke about the costumes too in a few weeks to a few years.

4. learn to ask for help sooner rather than later.

5. learn to let go of creative control in favor of getting things done.

6. it hurts right now, but this is a small blip amidst all the challenges that have been met and will continue to be met in the rest of my life.

7. being robbed of your life for a couple of months makes you really appreciate things like free time, friend time, sleep, and focusing on the things that you really care about. namely, this blog, my relationship, and getting my ass into medical school.

8. my decision not to apply to a masters program for costuming after getting my B.A. was the RIGHT DECISION!

9. morrissey says- do your best and don’t worry. i’m pretty sure he’s right.

anyway, thank you for being patient with me. and i promise that as of thursday night- i will officially be back on the deal seeking, coupon clipping, product reviewing, debt reducing beat. after all, i only have 9 more days to get my “gift of savings” total up to $100!

p.s. got my january giveaway item in the mail today, and it’s pretty hot stuff.


1 10 2009

zyrtec freebiei have debilitating environmental allergies and asthma. thanks dad! a few things i’m allergic to (in addition to good old fashioned hay fever) are:

cats, rabbits (including & especially angora sweaters), birch trees, grass, dust mites, pollen… basically, it’s tough for me to exist in the world comfortably without a daily allergy medication. (my boyfriend makes a lot of jokes about needing to keep me in a bubble). anyway, i found zyrtec almost 10 years ago when it was still prescription, and i had a several year long bout with chronic hives (worst. thing. ever.). anyway, now i take one every single day (2-3 if i’m going to be in an allergy-rich environment), and it’s expensive as hell. about $30 a bottle for 45 pills without a coupon at a regular drug store or supermarket. usually, i buy it at sam’s club (where you get 75 pills for about $30), but thanks to moms need to know via money saving mom (i know, but the mommies know their shit), i found out how to get 45 pills for $2.87. SOLID.

usually, 45 pills at rite aid go for $29.99, but this week  they’re on sale for $24.99.  i bought the pills & an $.88 granola bar to tip me over the $25  ($25.87 to be exact) mark, so i could use the $5/$25 that i lifted from here, which brought me down to $19.99. then i added a $4 off coupon from some RedPlum past, which made my out of pocket $16.87 before tax. now, there’s a $4 single check rebate on the 45 count zyrtec this week, which can be double dipped with SCR #75 which takes off another $10 when you buy $25 worth of select products (zyrtec & the tylenol i bought yesterday included), bringing it all down (as promised) to $2.87. oh, and the purchase put me over the $100 mark on my gift of savings, which means that my $20 gift card is on the move. eat that sam’s club. 

weirdly, i got my zyrtec free sample in the mail today from walmart. 1 pill and a lousy $2 coupon.  ever since the texas pete scandal, the freebies have been bunk.

rite aid rally.

30 09 2009

riteaidso there’s a new walgreens coming to town, and i’m kind of weirded out about it. i’m such an old lady- resistant to change. already the landscape of portland has changed so much over the last 5 years. i barely recognize my city anymore. that said, the bargain factor could certainly stand an upping these days. my beloved cvs has been a complete wasteland for the last few weeks. i have however, found some love with rite aid. they started putting these $5/$25 coupons all over the place (, video values, signing up for email updates…). anyway, despite the fact that it’s the sketchiest, hobo-iest, crack-whoriest place in town (like junkies paying for their oxy with pennies, and 4 out of 5 people in line are already drunk at 10 am), i’ve been spending a lot of time there. my latest conquest:

tylenol 8-hour bogo- $5.99 + 2 $2/1 coupons- $1.99 for 2

suave shampoo @ $.99/ea. + $1/2 coupon- $.99 for 2

softsoap body wash @ 3.99 + $2/1 in-ad coupon & $1/1 coupon- $.99 for 1

oral b advantage toothbrush @ $2.69 + $1/1 coupon- $1.69 for 1

cottonelle freshmates @ $3.49 + $.50/1 coupon & bogo coupon- $2.99 for 2

$5/$25 coupon makes the total before tax= $3.65 + SCR of $2.69= $.96

*i need to fess up and be honest here. i accidentally bought the wrong toothbrush, and didn’t get the SCR deal, and actually ended up paying $2.99 for it. boo-urns. i blame it on the way-too-cute-to-be-working-at-the-sketchball-rite-aid boy who was restocking the dental aisle. so really honestly $4.94 before tax. still not bad. at least i get another $28 bucks to add to my gift of savings total. only $20 of pre-coupon spending away from my $20 gift card! i’ll feel less bad about botching the deal when i’m playing with their money.

*UPDATE* i went online to check my gift of savings balance ($78!), and found out that even though i bought the wrong toothbrush ($3.99 instead of $2.69), i still get the $2.69 SCR! that means my before tax total is $2.25. SOLID.

bring it around town.

25 09 2009

Earns Rite Aidok. so i’m coming around to rite aid. all the mommies have been talking about the gift of savings program going on, and having recently had a few rite-aid runs… i thought i might broaden my horizons and give it a go before i accidentally threw the receipts away.  basically, for every X amount of money you spend at rite aid between 9/13 and 10/17, you get Y amount of money back on a rite aid gift card.

so i toddled myself over there with my two receipts and signed up (which also automatically signs you up for their single check rebate program). took about 2 minutes (if that), and entering my receipts into the system took another additional 30 seconds. user friendly. what i found out that’s totally awesome though- the thing that closed the deal on my new found love for rite aid, is that the totals were BEFORE COUPONS (including rite aid online & in-ad coupons). so even though i only spent about $19 in cash money, i actually had $52 dollars worth of qualifying purchases. woot! i’m already getting a $10 gift card with absolutely no effort. now it’s a challenge to see if i can bump that up to $20 (need to purchase over $100) by 10/17. i can feel my position on the SCR program softening.  must review the circular.