portland’s greatest hits.

3 11 2010

remember that time i posted about all the things in portland that have been going out of business lately, and how bummed out about it i am? well, i’m still bummed out about it (north star- nooooooooo!), but i’m willing to let  it go… as long as the following 5 businesses promise me (blood may be required to seal the deal), that they will always be here. ALWAYS.

now, i didn’t just go for places that are fancy or popular. in fact, many of my favorites didn’t make the list (i’m sorry caiola’s and rosemont market, there just isn’t room for everyone!). i wanted places that were iconic, and integral to the structure that makes portland porltand. do you remember when jennifer grey got that nose job, and then she looked like nobody anymore and we all forgot about her? that’s what would happen to portland if these businesses went away. i’m THAT SERIOUS.

in no particular order…

1. material objects: first of all, we are extremely lucky that there are a lot of great consignment shops in this town, especially now that shit is going down with the economy. but material objects is the king of them all. i love that it still looks exactly like the 90s in there. i also love the fact that pretty much everything in the store is less than $20. friendly, unpretentious, and always stuffed full of dirt cheap fashiony goodness. love.

2. paul’s food center: ok, totally shifty- i would probably/definitely never buy produce there… but there’s just something about a sketchy independent grocery store plopped in the middle of town that warms my heart. it feels like the land before time in there, but with more drunks.

3. bill’s pizza: hub for late night wasted snackage, this is another kind of gross one for the list. their pizza isn’t very good (so salty), and kind of pricey (for a single slice of kind of shitty pizza), but they have beer and orange soda on tap, and if you’re lucky, you can hear drunk people having sex in the bathroom.

4. videoport: as a complete netflix whore, one wouldn’t figure that i’d be singing high praises to a video store,  but videoport feels like home. probably because it consistently employs the very best people in town, and last time i checked, netfilix didn’t have an “incredibly strange” section. it’s a cinematic archeological dig in there. i don’t care if all video is going online, videoport needs to stay open FOREVER. are you listening dennis?

5. yes books: YES. BOOKS. everywhere. piled into corners and on the floor. dusty and disorganized, like a vaguely alphabetical treasure hunt. i love the musty used book smell and the ornery owner. to me, it’s portland’s own tiny musty version of the embryo concepts bookstore from funny face.

honorable mentions: the eastland park hotel, geno’s, old port candy, and ferdinand.

what local landmarks do you refuse to live without (you don’t even have to live in portland)?

junky trunky.

24 01 2010

it’s not secret that i’ve gotten fat this past year. almost 30 lbs. really. it’s a long and tragic story that doesn’t necessarily need to be shared right now, but the fact of the matter is that i need to be more diligent with what i stuff in my cramhole. despite the disappointing fare in this week’s shaw’s flier, i did still manage to score a few good deals.  however, as the diet is to start tomorrow (and less calories invariably equals more money), i did end up spending more than i would have preferred. although all in the name of restoring my health (and my pants size).

the wins:

i managed to print 4 more $.55/1 coupons, got 4 more cans of old el paso green chiles (on sale for $1 each), and made $.40 profit.

i also printed out 2 old el paso heat and serve sides coupons for $.50/1  @ coupons.com to go along with the $1/1 coupon i clipped from the 1/3 smartsource. also on sale for $1 each, i got all 3 for free.

sadly, the breakstones sour cream was not on sale in my neck of the woods, but @ $1.79 with a $.55/1 coupon (also from coupons.com), $.69 for a 16 oz. container is still good stuff. (and i printed out an extra in the hope that i can get a better deal next week).

the classico alfredo sauce was also on sale this week for $1.99, so i put that buy one alfredo get one pasta sauce coupon from the 1/10 smartsource to work, and got them both for $1 each.

hostess 100 calorie packs were on sale for $2.69, and that $.75/1 coupon (again from coupons.com- nice work this week guys!) doubled to make them $1.19. score!

i also grabbed that free sack of yoplait smoothie mix. i don’t know where my blender is right now, but i’ll make it work. has anyone tried this shit yet? is it good?

i’m not sure why i included them in the picture, but the lipton soup mix (soon to be veggie dip with the sour cream) cost $1.69 with a $1/2 coupon from the 11/15 red plum (so old!). $1.19 each. not that great, but way cheaper than the marzetti dip singles that i’ve been buying for like $4 a pop.

i also took advantage of the free grapefruits when you buy two ocean spray grapefruit juices. not a great deal @ 2 for $5 with no coupon (that’s why i put it in the pile of shame picture), but i need to get more produce in my diet.

the rest was just random lunch and dinner accessories. $29.14 for $48.62 in groceries. considering i used to spend $80 a week on bullshit, i’ll take it!

if only they would stop using the word “cantastic”.

4 01 2010

i feel like i’ve been out of the grocery store loop for a while since i’ve been so busy. essentially, i’ve been completely ignoring the weekly flier deals, just shopping wherever is convenient, and using whatever coupons happen to be within close reach. not a great plan for a tight budget…

but 2010, that’s another story. i’ve entrenched myself in baking day(s), and my freezer is full (or it will be tonight). now is the time for me to start scanning my weekly ads for miracles, and quietly stockpiling for future baking days of doom.

this week at shaws this week, the biggest deal going down is the proctor & gamble $10 catalina (toward your next purchase) when you buy $25 worth of participating products. mavin of savin has a really thorough run down of the whole mess (including lots of scenarios), and apparently there are products not listed on the flier that are part of the deal. woot!

i haven’t quite worked out my own situation yet, but my yet untouched  home made simple coupon book and the last p&g brandsaver will definitely be coming in handy. mr clean magic erasers, here i come!

they are also running their stupidly named “cantastic savings” promotion again this week. basically, certain stuff in cans is cheap. pretty straightforward. considering i used like 4 cans of corn yesterday, i’m eying this special with more interest that usual. some possibilities:

goya canned black beans @ $.59 each.  i’ve been meaning to make some quinoa & black bean salad- now is the time! if i want to buy 6, there’s a $1.25/6 coupon from the 11/8 red plum- that’s $.38 cents a can!

progresso bread crumbs @ $.99. $1/2 on any progresso product= $.50 each.

hunts tomato sauce @ $.69. $1/3 hunts products= $.36 each!

ace of diamonds mandarin oranges @ $.69.

no grand coupon-match ups, but fairly priced. is it just me or, did you notice that the entire bottom row is $.69? do they have a 14 year old working in their layout department or something (or am i the 14 year old for even noticing)!?

some other good lookin deals:

thomas english muffins- buy one get TWO free. no coupon, but yow (assuming that the package that you have to buy doesn’t cost like $17)!

morningstar farms @ $3.49 with a $1/1 coupon= decent deal.

$.99 mangoes!

lightlife smart deli slices @ $2.29. veg stuff in general is usually way expensive, and this is an excellent deal. an even excellenter deal if you have a coupons (which i don’t, but there are a few out there).

post cereals @ $1.5o when you buy 4. apparently there were some pretty decent coupons for post in the 12/6 smartsource. too bad i either lost them or maine didn’t get them. balls!

p.s. yes, that is an octopus made out of canned goods.