they’re on to us!

26 01 2010

so i’ve been a bit slow with my rite aid & cvs deals this week, probably because neither has much to offer, and i’ll probably just skip out and start over fresh next week. however, i was TRYING to write a post. a very sad post actually, entitled “now i’ll never get my olympic lapel pin!“. i know, tragic. so i was surfing through the 1/24-2/27 single check rebate guide, digging hopelessly for something worthwhile to put in my post, and i came across the “healthy heart 2010 rebate“. basically, buy $25 worth of a bunch of heart healthy crap (soy joy bars! ug!), get a $10 gift card back. nice, but here comes the BIG MONEY: buy $50 worth, get a $25 gift card back. SCORE! and i’m wondering why nobody is really talking about this and how totally amazing it is… and then i see it. THE FINE PRINT. not so fine really.

*Gift Card mailed separately from rebate check. Rebate based on actual price paid (after any & all coupons are used). Sales tax excluded. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

damn! bitches are on to us! all i’m saying is that i desperately hope that this does not become a trend.