cheap date- the asylum

28 01 2010

how did i not know about this? yesterday after dance class a bunch of us went out for cocktails and snacks. AND KARAOKE.  which isn’t exactly mind blowing, because i think a bunch of places in the area have karaoke, but not like this.

i always assumed that the asylum was not for me. sure, i’ve been to their 80s dance night a few times, and the occasional rock show, but overall- it seemed like somebody else’s bar. and i think it still is, except for thursday night karaoke.

huge stage. huge screen. disco lights (did i mention that they have a light up ceiling that looks like the night sky?). extremely enthusiastic and heterogenous crowd from hipster art kids to bearded fogies. really well priced mozzerella sticks. and, $2 well drinks. sweet! there’s no cover, and if you wanted to skip the snack food, you could get wasted and sing “rockin’ robin” till you pee your pants for a mere $6-$10 (depending on how you handle your liquor).  and that my friends is the textbook definition of a good deal.