picking up the slack.

14 02 2010

i’ve had kind of a lame couple of weeks on the deal seeking front. i wonder if the checkers at my hoboville rite aid miss me, or even notice that i’m gone? last time i was in there (@ 5 pm about 2 weeks ago), i was the only person in line not buying malt liquor. i’m sure that must count for something in their eyes.

anyway, friday night i realized that the “grab the gold” rebate that i had be so enthusiastic about was ending on saturday, and somehow i had only managed to log in enough p&g products to get a $5 gift card. oops.  a combination of crap deals and not enough time had lead me astray into the paths of laziness. i had lost another $5 ECBs (they expired quietly in the back of my coupon folder several days earlier), and i decided that i wouldn’t let my chronic sloth claim my gift card too.  i had $55.51 to go, a $5/$25  from redplum.com, and $30 worth of gift of savings and zyrtec rewards gift certificates. i stayed up until 3 a.m. (with a little help from the big bass-y party being thrown by my next door neighbors @ the “douche palace”) formulating my plan.

despite my careful planning and complete lack of sleep, i somehow didn’t manage to get my ass to the rite aid until 7:30 p.m.- half an hour before closing. not surprising, they didn’t have half of what i wanted. i do this stupid thing sometimes where instead of walking away, i try to make it work even when i shouldn’t. i got the wrong toothpaste- $2 mistake. i bought one more package of carefree maxi pads than i needed- $1 mistake. random impulse buy bonne bell guava lip balm that i definitely didn’t need even though i had a coupon- $1.25 mistake. $18.62 out of pocket, with hopefully $14 back in SCR and a $35 gift card. passable, but it could have been better. there’s also that outside chance than one or more of the products i bought for the rebate (prilosec, gilette shaving cream, herbal essences) doesn’t actually qualify and i’m screwed from my gift card by a few pennies. (why does it take the SCR website two days to update?!!)

it would probably serve me right.