weekend pickthough- shiny and new edition.

6 02 2011

in 2010, i had hoped that i would have both the time and the cash to give the ole website a total overhaul. well, that didn’t happen. but i did think that was time at least for a teensy little update. so voila! a shiny new pile of icons (for all the contact and social media crap you guys could ever want), and now even though it’s still a free wordrpress blog… the URL looks like a real website (broke207.wordpress.com still works too)! not entirely monumental, but at least SOMETHING. perhaps this month i will see if there is anything else worth tweaking (any suggestions?). but for now, you should probably thank me for these nice new updates by nominating me for best blog on the phoenix best of 2011 poll.

dude. TWISTER RAIN COAT. (thanks cindy!)

easily the most interesting tidbit of local news in the last 10 years. (spoiler- STRIPPER FIGHT!!!)

i’m positive that there’s a steamed clams joke in here somewhere…

chrystie over at ilovetogossip got a little lovin from local media this week! (OMG, did you know her sister is on the bachelor right now?)

i know this really hot girl who got a pair of pajama jeans from her brother for xmas, and now that’s all she ever wears. TRAGEDY.

the mysteries of the asian aging process revealed.

“I guess I need a snake lover,” he told The Daily Mail. “Or someone with multiple mongooses.”

how could it have possibly taken me this long to find out that hugh jackman has a tiny dog named PEACHES?

it’s happening…

16 11 2009

there was a WALGREENS FLYER in my sunday paper! apparently windham, bath, & norway all have functional walgreens in their neighborhoods, but i’ve never actually been in one. they’ve been building one on forest ave. for months now- and it looks like it’s almost done! people who coupon seem to love it, but i have to say that i’m a little scared.  the flier looked to have some pretty excellent deals in it, and from what i can tell, the register rewards system works pretty much like the CVS extrabuck system… although i’ve heard rumors that it isn’t as consistent (rewards don’t always print out like they’re supposed to). should i be afraid? should i be excited? should i make my hot and dirty affair with rite aid exclusive and tell everyone else to go screw? the drama!