weekend pickthrough- mysteries revealed edition.

20 03 2010

sorry that yesterday’s post was such a bummer. sometimes a girl has something on her mind, and it can’t all be rainbows and fart jokes. however, to keep things in balance a little better, this weekend’s pickthrough is nice, fluffy, and easy to digest.

a firm scolding from mindi cherry.

who said that regular jerks can’t take amazing photographs?

partnering with paul. apparently, a really crappy idea (possibly involving hepatitis).

it’s not gonna be free, but savvychicsavings shows us all how the restaurant.com gift certificate is appropriately used. (there’s even a few decent restaurants in maine, although you’d still be paying too much at the farmer’s table).

give an hour take an hour , easy as that. (thanks michelle!)

problem solved.

seriously? another one?

staying calm in the face of a $680 dental bill.

oh no you don’t jlo! and can i just say for the record that i was once asked which 5 movies i would bring with me if i was going to be stranded on a deserted island forever with with dvd player access… this was on my list.