i try it!- selling back my dvds.

5 11 2009

music_snob_Venn_diagram-750009-750057in the great venn diagram of love, it is inevitable that some of the common threads that pulled you together, will manifest themselves in your shared living space as double sets of books, music, and movies.  my boyfriend and i bought a condo together this year (thank you $8,000 rebate!), and in making this pretty serious commitment (and solidly planning on other similar serious commitments down the road…), i decided that it was finally time for me to let go of some of my duplicate stuff. it’s tough at first to silence the “what if we break up and then i don’t have my copy of…” fears. just consider it an affirmation of your commitment (or at least tell yourself that now is the time to sell, because you don’t want to be the guy behind me at the counter getting $.25 a piece for his VHS collection). anyway, there are a number of places in town to sell-back your dvd collection, whether you’re reaffirming your love or just needing some scratch: newbury comics , bullmoose music, and guitar grave are probably the best options, but i’m sure there’s a bunch of other pawn shops in town. since i’m a shop local girl, and pawn shops kinda skeeve me out, i went bullmoose all the way.

i brought them: all 5 seasons of futurama, the first season of metalocalypse, season one of the adventures of pete & pete, some movie called “kane, see no evil” that i don’t know how i got, and a fistful of other random things- around $150 (new) worth of stuff. in my head i was thinking, maybe $50? maybe $60… the excitement! the process is really easy. just go into your local bullmoose (i hit the warehouse store out by the mall), hand them your sack of unwanted items, and then wait about 15 minutes for them to scrutinize, judge, and disappoint. $25 for the whole lot. $37 in store credit. boo-urns. the truth is that dvds are going way down in price (have you dug through the $3 bin at big lots? it’s my favorite). just because i paid $40 for something new, doesn’t mean they can get $30 or even $20 now. case and point- used seasons of futurama are all on sale for $14.99. lesson to learn- HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, and don’t hand over anything that you’re not prepared to part with for $5 or less. i took the store credit because i do buy a lot of dvds (plus, a very cheapskate xmas is right around the corner). i also picked up a copy of tom hank’s best movie ever- mazes & monsters for a sweet $3.99.