day 3: a new demographic.

29 08 2012

today is my birthday.

i’m not sure why 35 seems so old, when i didn’t notice 34 at all. is it because i’m officially in my “mid-30s” now (no turning back)? or perhaps because i am no longer in the 19-34 age bracket on surveys?

i do feel a little strange, ┬ábut i’m pretty sure i’m not having some sort of almost mid-life meltdown or anything, so that’s good. i did smear a bunch of face cream on my neck today because i became convinced ┬áthat i have early onset turkey wattle. although, i think it has less to do with aging and more to do with losing some serious neck weight over the last year. whatever the cause, i don’t think it’s wrong for anyone to be extra moisturized. Read the rest of this entry »

down in the bunker.

12 12 2009

the burlesque opens on thursday, so officially for the rest of the weekend i’m in the bunker sewing my ass off. i promise promise regular fresh content coming daily as soon as i am released from this sequin and feather bondage. looking forward to multiple daily posts in the new year. p.s. for those of you who are wondering, that’s a picture of the battery on peak’s island. hands down one of the coolest/scariest places ever- and site of the fully amazing sacred & profane arts festival every year.