baking day 1.0 takes shape

29 12 2009

so i’ve been rolling around with the baking day concept, and after much online research about what i can put in my freezer without it turning to complete mush, i have worked out the following plan:

main dishes (2 batches of each):
spinach & ricotta stuffed shells
faux chicken stew
barbeque pulled seitan & green chile polenta
shepherd’s pie

veggie chili
cheesy potato soup

corn bread
buttermilk biscuits
pizza dough

mushroom gravy
faux sausage gravy
spaghetti sauce with veggies & faux meat

i figure this way i can have a few definite meals, then some versatile components- like biscuits with the chicken stew or the sausage gravy. also, it’s nice to have the spaghetti sauce back up plan for when turning on the oven is even slightly too much work.

let me also add a disclaimer here that i am not a crazy organic scratch cooker. my chicken stew will involve a lot of cream of mushroom soup… my spaghetti sauce is newman’s own with extras…  my biscuits will be bisquick! i do love cooking- and i do love high quality food- but i also love the ease (and delicious saltiness) of convenience foods. just for the record, i am in no way a purist about how i cook/what i eat. bring on the velveeta!